But all of the sudden, my teddy bear is there! He got a shiny yellow hat with a light on it, but it is him, I can tell! He's is a whole bunch bigger now too.

"Why are you so big, Mr. Teddy?"

"Because I need to be big to help you navigate these tunnels," Mr. Teddy says to me.

I don't see any tunnels. "What tunnels, Mr. Teddy?"

"Why, the ones all around you! Don't you see them?"

I don't want to make Mr. Teddy sad, so I look around and make believe I can see tunnels. But I really can see them now! It is even darker and there is dirt all over, not just on the floor! I am not scared though because Mr. Teddy's light is on now.

"Where are we going, Mr. Teddy?"

"On an adventure! Hop in!"

Mr. Teddy has a little car on tracks now. It is like a train that is just a box, and he is in it. It doesn't look very safe to me, but if he is in it too I will be okay. I get in with Mr. Teddy and he makes it move.

"Stay in the cart," Mr. Teddy tells me. "It's not safe."

"I'm scared, Mr. Teddy..."

Mr. Teddy puts one of his hands on my back. It feels nice, like what mommy used to do to help me sleep when I was a baby. I smile and put my head on the side of the cart. I feel sleepy.

But then I see somebody and I wake up! I know who it is!

"Mr. Teddy, stop!"

"I can't; it's not safe!"

"But I have to get off!" Mr. Teddy doesn't want to stop, but I have to get off, I have to! "I saw Daddy, Mr. Teddy!" Mr. Teddy doesn't care. Why is he being mean? Why won't he stop?

I have to go anyway! Mr. Teddy is looking at the front, so I jump out. I got an ouchy on my knee, but I'm okay. Daddy will carry me when I find him anyway!

"Daddy!" I yell. I am happy.

I run into the tunnel my Daddy went down and look for him, but he is gone. Where did he go? Daddy doesn't run fast but I can't see him.

Now I am sad. Daddy is gone, Mr. Teddy is gone, everybody is gone. Why is everybody gone?

I hear somebody coming now. Is it Mr. Teddy coming to find me? Did Daddy come back? It doesn't sound like Daddy or Mr. Teddy. Is it mommy?

No! I can see it now!

It's a worm!

He doesn't look happy! He must be mad because I ate his friend! Is he going to eat me?

"Mr. Teddy, help!"

But Mr. Teddy is not here. Nobody is here, but the worm is here.

The worm grabs my leg and and I fall over, but I don't scream. I just close my eyes and I cry.

But the worm doesn't do anything.

The worm feels like hand now. I open my eyes, and it's very dark, but I see there is a hand on my leg. I am back under my porch!

But whose hand is that?

The End

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