I ate a worm today. It didn't taste very nice. I just wanted to know what it tasted like, I see birds eat them all the time. Mommy saw the dirt on my face and asked what I had been doing, so I told her I ate a worm. She got really mad. She said if I was going to eat worms like a disgusting animal, I didn't deserve any dinner. Then she locked me outside and told me to think about what I'd done.

So now I am sitting under the porch thinking about what I have done, and it really doesn't seem all that bad to me. It was just one little worm and it didn't taste very good so I won't do it again. Atleast I am not like the neighbours dog, Coco, she eats other dogs poop!

I like it here, under the porch. It's dark like a cave, and smells like warm dirt. I like to pretend that it is a magic cave that only I know about. My magic cave.

I like to come to my cave when Mommy is in bad moods. She seems to be in bad moods a lot lately. I think it's because she doesn't like being alone. I don't like being alone either, but when I tried to tell Mommy that she isn't alone because I am here, she got sad and started crying. I don't know what to do when she cries.

I am starting to get hungry now. Maybe there are other things to eat outside that taste better than worms.

One time at my friend Margie's house I found some red berries that looked like cherries and was going to eat them but then Margie's mom screamed, "No Alice! Those berries are poison!" She screamed so loud it made me cry and pee in my pants. I felt like a stupid baby.

But now I know what berries are poison and what berries are not. We have blackberries and strawberries growing in our yard and those are safe to eat and yummy too.

It feels like I have been outside for a long time now. It's getting dark. I wonder if mommy wants me to sleep outside. I didn't think she was that mad at me.

I found some big leaves and have made a bed in my magic cave. It is really dark now and I feel scared and cold. I am pretending that I am an explorer discovering a new land. I wish I had my teddy bear.

The End

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