Ellie: "depends on whether you can handle me''Mature

When I was younger I had a dream I was going to be a Female prime minister. Today my dream is to not get laughed at or stared at or gossiped about. I don't have the best grades in school all I will say is you can spell DUDE.  I thought I was a late learner like some other kids I thought knowledge would hit me on the head and I would be Parliament smart, but no it didn't people say its lucky you're pretty.

My parents fear me they think I will claw them with my perfect nails. I do love them but they expect me too fail and if they knew what I have done they would be there pointing a finger and saying I told you so.

Maybe I should tell you what I am talking about let me take you back a few months to the start of school.  I was just walking through the long corridor when I saw the hottest guy in school and the guy who has been wanting to get into my pants since he hit puberty.  He was talking to Lucy Exeter the pathetic girl who has fancied him as long as I have.  As soon as she walked away I strut up to him curling my hair around my finger.

''Byron, have you been a bad boy this summer?'' I giggled and teased him. He enjoyed it but I never knew how serious he took my flirting.

''Well Ellie you know me I am a bad boy and I don't kiss and tell.'' He smirked at me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

''What were you doing talking to Lucy?'' I asked with a tone of voice that made my feelings towards her quite clear.

''Oh her, nothing she just came up to me needing a tutor I suppose I don't know.'' He frowned and moved his hand off.''

''I don't think she needs a tutor she is like an A* student or something.'' I replied curiously and his brows turned in.

''Does it matter anyway, are we going to talk about Lucy or discuss when we are going to have sex.'' He smirked again. See I wasn't lying when I said he has being trying to get into my pants.

''That all depends on whether you can handle me'' I whispered into his ear ''Maybe you're too immature for my likings.''

''Well I'm all man don't you worry your pretty little head.'' He placed a hand on my breast and squeezed ''Friend of mine is having a house party this weekend maybe we can work something out.''

''Maybe .'' I turned my back on him and strutted to class. That conversation was the beginning of this.

The End

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