Lucy: ''You're a jerk and a big one at that.''Mature

When I was little I always dreamed of becoming a nurse I had loads of play nurse outfits and equipment it was just something I wanted to. When I was 10 I did a first aid course with my school it taught me that I could actually achieve my dream, but when I turned 13 I grew out of my pipe dream and started focusing on my friends and parties I wasn't aloud to go to which then got me involved with the bad groups at school.

I wasn't a bad kid I just wanted to fit in with the other gangs have fun drinking and a bit of smoking but that was it, I never realised my fun could cause so much mayhem to everyone around me including myself. I had seemed to have lost all my childhood friends and my parents don't know what has become of their only child.

I guess I better start from the beginning, the truth to how I ended up being pregnant. It all started 3 months ago, school had just began and everyone was hugging and talking about there amazing summers abroad and compared how many parties they had crashed or held. Me on the other hand was too busy contemplating whether I should introduce myself to the guy I have fancied since year 7.

Byron. He is the ultimate guy at my school he is a god and he didn't know I existed till that day. "Hi Byron, I am Lucy I was just wandering...erm...if...erm"

"Look kid I'm not interested tutoring you in maths." he said interupting my awkwardness which made my face redden not by embarrassment but by anger.

"Exuse me I am not a kid we are in the same year and I am an A* student." Well I was back then but now I am lucky to get a C.

"Then what do you want I am a busy guy, people to meet girls to flirt with." He smirked at me which made wander what did I see in that loser.

''You know what forget it, I just realised I have wasted 3 years of crushing on you when I could have gone out with 10 guys that are better looking.'' Okay that was a lie but I had to dent his confidence somehow. He stared at me at that moment and his smirk vanished and turned into more of a frown.

''You have a crush on me?'' He said still frowning which was a little creepy and weird thinking we actually had a conversation.

''Had is the correct term, but now I have realised you're a jerk and a big one at that.'' I mimicked the smirk he had on his face a few seconds ago then turned my back on him and walked away.

That day started something and I never knew it would end up the way it did.


The End

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