Ellie: I could of course deny itMature

I walked into superdrug in the morning to pick up some medicine for my tummy  I still felt really sick, I woke up this morning and thought about the possible "P word."  but then I thought no, Byron said he was wearing one but guys would say anything. I picked up a test and thought I should take one just in case Byron is a big fat liar.

I headed out the shop and bumped into Lucy Exeter. "Hey what you doing here?" I asked her hiding my bag behind my legs.

"I needed some meds been throwing up, that's why I left your house so quickly yesterday, sorry about that."

"That's okay to be honest I have been vomiting all day aswell maybe there is a bug going round." I smiled awkwardly at her and was so desperate to leave and go home. "Forgive me for being rude but I best be on my way still not feeling well."

"Of course hope you get well soon." She replied  I walked away as she continued into the shop.

That was a close one I thought to myself, I didn't want people finding out at school that I was shopping  for pregnancy tests. I could of course deny it but who would believe that giving my reputation, not that I give in to any guy I just have been known to know how to make a guy go crazy.

When I got home I went straight to the toilet, luckily I had been drinking water all day. I took out the test.

The End

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