Lucy: I hadn;t had my period.Mature

I couldn't have gotten out of Ellie's house fast enough I heard shout my name as I was half the way down the stairs, her voice had sounded so sincere but if I had told her everything I wouldn't have gotten out alive.

I was off her street and feeling queasy. I bent over a wall and puked for about 5 minutes till I felt like I could walk again. I haven't been this sick since I was little. I know something is wong. I walked home and ran straight to the bathroom and puked my guts out. I sat by toilet for a while to let my belly settle.

I stood up and looked in the medicine cupboard, there was some hair gel, bleach, tampons, cream and paracetomol. I went back to the tampons and started feeling queasy again, I haven't had my period yet. I ran into my bedroom and got my calender out I am three weeks late I had been too obsessed with this rape thing that I hadn't even noticed I hadn't had my period.

Could it be possible? Could I really be? I couldnt say the word I felt too ashamed. I decided I would get a test in the morning and know for definate.

The End

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