Ellie: It felt like we were friends againMature

Lucy walked in my room she looked like a rock chick with her hair all backcombed and jeans ripped. I guess I was kind of jealous how she got everything so easy she knew who I liked and would do anything to get him.

"Hey Lucy thank you for coming I wasn't expecting you to show giving how much of a bitch I have been to you." I gave her a half apologetic smile.

"It's fine it's only studying right it's not like we are all of a sudden going to be friends again.'' Lucy had a point but there was somedays I wish I did have my best friend back but thats all in the past now.

''Yeah, yeah sure anyway did you bring the breif? I totally lost mine.'' I smiled guiltily.

''Yeah I am always prepared.'' She smiled at me and emptied her bag onto my bed.

She helped me understand a bit of the work but I wasn't really consentrating I still felt like poo.

''So Byron has been weird lately and I was wandering could I have been the cause I haven't slept with him since the party and I feel like he doesn't think I want to have sex with him.'' I had no idea why I poured my problems out to Lucy but we were getting on and it felt like we were friends again.

''To be honest I think he might feel like he is pressuring you into having sex so he is trying to slow down. You just got to talk to him about this if you want your relationship to work, but don't let me tell you what to do I don't even like him.

 "I thought you had a thing for him." I said trying not sound like a bitch.

"I have a confession." Lucy replied her body looked tensed up and she looked really scared. "I did see Byron at the party... he um...he was being really nasty to me.''

"How was he being nasty?" I asked feeling really bad for her friend or not we used to be close nothing could change that connection we had.

"I can't tell you, I'm sorry, it's late I have to go." Lucy put her stuff in her bag and rushed out the door.''

"Lucy, wait..." I called after her but I was cut off by the feeling of vomit about to come up.


The End

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