Lucy: ''I was the dorky sidekick''Mature

''You were at Gary's party did you see Byron after I left?'' Ellie Sharp asked when I was talking to her on the phone.  The answer is yes of course I saw him I could never erase it from my brain his face will scar me for life.

''No. I hadn't seen him all night sorry, well I probably did but I got spiked so my memory of that night is pretty foggy sorry.'' I said not completely lying.

''Oh right well thanks anyway, he has been really distant since that night I don't know what happened to him, I don't even know why I am even talking to you about it we aren't exactly friends.''

Anymore I thought to myself, Me and Ellie used to be best mates were grew up together and were so close I idolized her until one day she started getting attention from all the guys and I was the dorky sidekick, we grew apart she got slutty and I got nerdy and a bit of a wild child I guess you could say.

''Well I can ask around for you if you want I mean there was a lot of people around.'' I suggested trying to be friendly.

''No thanks, I can handle it.'' She replied harshly ''But would you be able to help with our English homework? I am completly stuck.'' I had to pinch myself I couldn't beleive she was asking me for help with homework she was always to proud to ask the nerd for help.

''Yeah okay, I could come over now if you want?'' I suggested getting my books together.

''Yeah that will be nice thank you I will see you soon then.''

''Okay then see you soon bye.'' I pressed end call and slipped my trainers on and walked out the house.

Ellie's house has always looked the same ever since I used to go round there for play dates there would be a red door with a welcome mat and the hallway would be a creamy colour. The only thing that was different was the pictures of her little sister who I only saw when she was her mothers belly.

''Lucy, I haven't seen you in a while how have you been? How is your mother? You must tell her to call me sometime.'' Ellie's mother Claire said firing questions at me.

''I am fine thanks Mrs Sharp my mum is fine she is still working at the hospital, I will definatly get her to call you.'' I smiled at her she hadn't aged a day and her smile was still so welcoming ''Is Ellie in her room?''

''Yes dear, she hasn't been very well though today she was sick all morning, go on up if you like.'' She said smiling still. I walked up the stairs and saw Ellie pale pink door with stickers we put on when we were younger, there was a princess crown and Leonardo d'caprios face next to her name. I knocked the door twice.

''Ellie it's me Lucy are you decent?'' I called from the outside waiting for a reply.

''Yeah come in.''

The End

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