Ellie: ''I felt like poo''Mature

I would say my looks were a big part of me.  I don't think I am pretty, I know I am. I guess that sounds big headed and vain but it's true. My hair is a vibrant well groomed blonde, my teeth are straight and white, some people may say perfect. My eyes are a pale blue and glisten in the light. I am not underweight and I am not over weight I am completely healthy considering.  I don't have any warts or moles just cute freckles across my nose. I would say girls want to look like me because I am good looking, I would date me.

It was November the 15th when I woke up in the morning running to the bathroom puking my guts out, I felt like poo. I looked in the mirror and my face was pale and morbid. I sat down in front of the toilet for about half an hour letting it all out.

''Ellie you okay hun?'' My mum asked knocking lightly on the door. My mum has always cared about me she has looked after me everytime I have been ill or in trouble with school.

''No not really, I feel really bad.''  I replied getting up off the floor. ''I am going back to bed.''

''Okay hunny you get some rest, I will bring up some medicine and breakfast, drink lots of water.'' Mum replied as she started walking down the stairs, I opened the door and walked like a zombie back into my room.

I got a little bit of sleep and felt a little better when I woke up a few hours later to my little sister jumping on the bed. Her name is Abby she is a little monster well they all are at the age of 5.  She looks like me and has the same freckles across her face.

''Hey trouble what are you doing in my room?'' I asked her as she settled down next to me.

''Mummy said you were poorly, is the doctor coming to make you better?'' Abby asked me in the sadest little voice which made me want to squeaze her.

''No the doctor isn't coming, I am feeling better now you are here, you must have healed me.'' I replied smiling at her widening smile.

''So you aren't dying?'' She asked happily bouncing around again.

''No of course not you can't get rid of me that quickly you little monster.'' I tickled her belly and she rolled over giggling. ''I love you Abby now get going you have dinner downstairs.''

''Okay sis I love you too, you can go back to sleep now I will let you get better.'' She kissed my cheek and bounced out the room.

I turned my head and saw my phone flashing away. I picked it up and had 10 new messages and 15 missed calls, they must miss me at school. The first 4 texts were off my best friend Kayleigh asking where I was and when I will be in. 3 others were off Byron saying he needs to talk to me and asking where I was.  I got one off my ex Toby asking if I was going to Neils party on Saturday I had a text off Orange wanting me to buy a contract phone and the last one was off...Lucy wanting to talk to me urgently, why would she want to talk to me.

I replied to Kayleigh saying I have been sick and not to worry about me and I text Byron telling him I wasn't ready to make up with him yet and then deleted the text off Orange and told Toby to take a hike and lastly I rung Lucy up she answered straight away.

''What do you want to talk to me about that's so urgent?'' I asked anoyedly.

''Oh erm...Ellie... this is awkward I must have text the wrong person sorry.'' She replie.

''Well thanks a bunch you loser you are just wasting my time and credit I hope you're happy.'' I said sarcasticly she really anoyed me at school and now she is anoying me over the phone, great.

''Sorry, I guess I will let you get back to whatever you were doing.''

''Wait..hang on.'' A thought had just popped into my head she was at Gary's party she might know the answer to my question. ''I saw you at Gary's party did you happen to see Byron after I left?''




The End

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