Lucy: ''I have nightmares of being raped.''Mature

It had been a month after the party. Though me and Gary were safely in love, talking and staying at each others side every moment of the day, I could still hear the drunken laughing of foolish kids echoing in my mind. I shouldn't be so caught up in it, though. My parents love Gary, that is an accomplishment worth celebrating in its self. And his, from what I could tell, loved me. But the more I held the dark secret inside of me, the more I just wanted to confess the event and fall into his arms. But I wouldn't. It would destroy him. Even though he keeps pressing me about "Going all the way".

I had been having lots of flash backs of that night, and every time I do I start screaming. I have trouble sleeping at night because I have nightmares of being raped that night.

As I sat down next to Gary, I suddenly caught a glimse of something i hadn't seen before. I looked up to the table about 5 tables down, and looked deep into those flashing orbs that caught my attention. A pair of shockingly familiar, amber eyes...
Suddenly my eyes widened. It was him, out of all people. I looked as he, with a care-free laugh, ruffled his golden hair. It sickened me. This was the man, no, BOY, who raped me. I felt my mind spin, and wanted desperately to faint. To get away from reality, even if only for a few brief seconds. Byron Johnson was the foolish child who raped me. Sure, I had thought of it before. I felt like I knew. But this was confirmation. I wanted to just jump up out of my seat and spit "RAPIST!" Across the room, so they could see that careless boy for the selfish monster he was. But I kept silent.

I kept staring at him, and I felt sick, I was repulsed, I couldn't believe he was the guy I had fancied for so long, now the only feeling I had for him now were hate. But before I knew it I was marching up to him and as he looked up at me he looked scared for the first time.

''Do you remember'' I demanded. He nodded. ''Sorry, but I didn't quite hear you, do you remember?''

''Yes, I remember okay! I am so sorry. I didn't know what I was doing, my drink was spiked and all I remember was being in the room and someone came in. I thought it was Ellie coming back to carry on.''

''Ellie Sharp? You slept with Ellie Sharp the same night you raped me?'' I was pissed, not because he had her before me, but what if he gave me something, from her!

''Please don't say that word.'' he pleaded.

''Why not? It's what happened, wasn't it? I didn't give you permission!''

''You didn't exactly stop me though.''

''I couldn't, I was drugged just like you, and how does that make this okay? What you did was against my will.'' If only I wasn't in a canteen of students, I would be shouting at him and screaming my head off.

''Well, then why haven't you told anyone?''He asked quietly.

''Because you would be sent to jail. Your life would be ruined and how would that make me feel? What happened is over. It can't be recorded over, it won't make me a virgin again.''

''I didn't...I'm...sorry...please...''

''Save it, I will never forgive you for what you did to me. Neither will i forget. But it's over now so go on with you're life and spend every waking day thinking what you did, and what you can do to prevent yourself from doing it someone else.'' I took one last look at him, and as he was crying, he nodded and then I walked out of the canteen trying to fight back my tears.

The End

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