Ellie: ''what happened at the party after I left''Mature

About a month after the party me and Byron got officially together it would have been sooner but he went all weird after the party, he wouldn't talk to anyone he would just turn up to school drunk and stoned. I got him back on track though I made sure he knew I was going to be there for him.

We are closer than close but we haven't had sex since the party he says he isn't ready yet, whenever we are getting into it he pushes me away and leaves I knew there was something wrong with him I just didn't know what, but I had a feeling it had to do with Gary's party.

''Byron what's wrong? you never told me what happened at the party after I left'' I questioned him one day at lunch he was staring across the canteen.

''Nothing happened I got dressed and drank beers then went home simple as that.'' He replied still not looking at me.

''What are you looking at?'' I snapped at him ''You have changed it's like you don't even care anymore.''

''You're right I don't care so maybe you should just leave.'' He snapped back and slid away from me into the next seat.

I got up and stormed away from him. I was furious at the fact he treated me like that, but I was also worried that he got into trouble and he wont tell anyone.

The End

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