Lucy: ''I couldn't fight I was powerless.''Mature

I went upstairs in Gary's house to find somewhere to lie down for a while I walked into one of the dark bedrooms and lay on the bed and sighed. I felt breathing on my neck and felt my self feeling weight leave my body. I kept my eyes closed and started feeling pressure on my body and heard moaning they were coming from me, I had to open my eyes and when I did I saw him ontop of me, Byron was having sex with me he was sweating and moaning, I tried to scream for help but I was out of energy my body was numb.

I let myself be raped by the guy I had fancied for so long and I couldnt fight I was powerless. He got off me and then a while later the door shut and it was just me left in the room.

I slept in that room for the rest of the night. When morning came I woke up with the worst feeling ever  the knowlage that I let my body get violated and could do nothing to help myself.  Gary came in the room where I lay naked and dirty.

''Lucy? what are you doing in here? My parents are going to be back soon you need to leave.''

''Ga..I was Ra...sorry....I will go.'' I couldn't tell him he was nothing to me so I wasn't about to pour my dark secrets out to a stranger. At that point I didn't remeber who it was that had taken my soul away. I put my clothes on and left his house stumberling and lifeless.

The monday following was nerve wrecking, everyone that had been at the party saw me out of control and doing things that I wish I could take back. 

''Did you have a good night on saturday? you looked like you had a good time when I saw you in my parents room the next day.'' It was Gary that had spoke to me, he only saw me naked thinking I had sex at my own will and not against it.

''Hey Gary I don't really rememeber it that well I don't know how I ended up in you're parents bed I'm sorry you caught me in there.''

''It's fine you're not the only one that sneaked in there on saturday I think I saw Ellie and Byron sneak in before you.'' He smiled at me.

''Wait what? did you say Byron?''

''Yeah he and Ellie must've hooked up it's about time too he has been on about shagging her for years.''

Ellie is the slag of my year she has always been out to get me for some reason I have no idea why I've done nothing to her and she has just disliked me, but she had sex with the one guy I had always dreamed about being with and I guess that night happened to both of us.

''So Lucy I was wandering do you want to hang out with me sometime? I mean we could go see a film or something.'' Gary asked me shyly.

''You're asking me out?'' I asked shocked this was news to me that he was even interested in someone like me.

''Yeah you're really funny and your good to be around, you don't have to I mean if you are going out with someone you were with last night then thats fine I guess.''

''I would love to go out with you.'' I smiled at him he smiled back we agreed to meet at his house that night and decide what to do then.


The End

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