Ellie: ''I wasn't expecting much from him.''Mature

I have always enjoyed parties and the house party Byron invited me to was the most life changing party I have ever been to. Me and my two best friends Janet and Laney were in my room getting ready.

''So Ellie tonight are you and Byron gunna do the nasty?'' Laney asked with a huge grin on her face.

''Laney! sex shouldn't be labled as the nasty just because you're a virgin doesn't mean you should get all negative.'' I snapped at her ''Sorry Laney I didn't mean it I am just really nervous me and Byron have a love hate relationship he loves me and I love to hate him.''

''Wait you're not a virgin anymore?'' Janet asked shocked ''Since when? why didn't you tell me? we tell each other everything.''

''I was going to tell you, but the day you told me you lost yours you said you couldn't wait till I told you my special first time and then I felt bad cause it wasn't special at all.''

''Awww Ellie I wouldn't have judged you I would have said you should have waited but never judge I'm sorry you felt that I would judge you.'' Janet gave me a hug and I wiped my tears on her cardigan.

The house was full of people and they were all half drunk already and it was only nine. I worked my way round the downstairs trying to keep my out for Byron.  I thought I saw him but then I heard this cheering in the front room, I walked in and Lucy was dirty dancing on Gary Carr's coffee table all the guys were trying to give her money and asking for a striptease I could expect it from little miss Lucy.

You wanna know why I hate her so much? Well it's because she gets everything I want. When we was on primary school she would get more gold stars then me guys would ask her for jokes she was the class clown and she would still be smarter than me. In year 7 she elected school council when it would look perfect on my cv and i never got elected because im too dumb and she was so perfect. And I was so jealous when I saw her talking to Byrom because I thought great she has got something else I want.

"Ellie, you came didn't think you would.''

''Well you know me Byron I wont miss a good night for anything.'' I smiled to myself knowing he wasn't lured towards her.

''Have you seen that chick? I think that's the girl who was speaking to me in the corridor the other day crazy huh?'' Byrom said which made me angry and want to storm up to lucy and puncher in the face and pull out her hair. But instead his interest in her made me say something I was soon to regret.

''Very crazy, I know why don't we go find a room we can crash.' I smiled deviously at him and he smiled back. We made our way into Gary's parents room I lay on the bed and Byron did the same. ''Are we doing this then?'' he nodded ''Have you got a condom?''

''Yeah I am wearing one'' he smiled and started taking his shirt off, I took off my dress and he pulled down his trousers and boxers. He got on top of me and moved inside of me. He didn't last long but I wasn't expecting much from him.

''I think I am going to go home now I am tired out and probably drunk too much.'' I put my clothes back on and left him naked.

The End

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