Lucy: ''the room was spinning''Mature

Parties have always been my thing. I love a good house party, there is alcohol, sex, drugs, music and embarrassing baby pictures. Somehow I would still get perfect grades on a hangover must be a gift.

Anyway I got invited to Gary Carr's big house party its like America's homecoming dances but we actually party. Everyone who is cool came to the party I only got invited because everyone knows I party hard and they need me to do crazy drunk stuff to lighten the mood, I'm not proud but you're only young once right?

''Lucy, Lucy,Lucy who let you out tonight?'' Josh Grant asked with two bottles of carlsberg in his hands ''This ones for you, have fun.'' I took the drink and like the party girl I am I downed it and passed it back to him.

''Cheers Josh I will see you later maybe.'' I remember stumbling off and feeling really dizzy, the room was spinning and people passing by had two heads. I think I got drugged that night because I didn't feel drunk unless I was downing drinks every time I had one in reach but my memory is pretty blurry that night.''

The End

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