Chapter 3Mature

           “Whoa.” Elliot exhaled besides Kendra while Noah let out a low whistle. “Glad to see that two vampires can kick ass.” He added, looking at how badly the large Victorian mansion was destroyed. The windows were broken with some bodies that were being carried away by Lucian’s servants. The doors were broken in and Kendra was worried that inside looked worse. The three of them shifted their backpacks uncomfortably while they inspected the destroyed home.

            Just as the threesome walked into the mansion, a pair of guards appeared in front of them, stopping them from entering. “Let us in.” Noah said, squaring his shoulders with his hands in his pockets. “We’re here on official business.”

            “We’re not allowed to let anyone in. Lord Grigori’s orders.” Elliot groaned and looked at his brother. They prayed that they didn’t have to do this; Elliot and Noah had talked about it on their travel there, which was to snap the guard’s necks just in case they didn’t believe them.

            Noah sighed and looked at the guards. “We’re some of the Guardians and this is Kendra Williams, one of the Chosen. We need to speak to Lucian Grigori and Stephanie Holland.” He stated, trying to sound formal. Why must vampires be so damn stubborn? They could pick up on their heart beats, the smallest of facial ticks; but they were still so stubborn.

            The vampire glanced down at him. “Under Lord Grigori’s orders, we are not allowed to let any-” he began but his and his friend’s necks were snapped with a flick of Noah’s wrist. There was a strong whooshand then their heads were twisted in an awkward manner. They both crumpled to the ground and Noah stepped over them, walking into the house.

            “How come you can control the air perfectly now, but not for your Ascension?” Elliot asked as he and Kendra walked into the home.

            “It’s obviously performance anxiety.” Kendra joked, “I’d feel sorry for any girlfriend you have though.” She added only to get a glare from her friend. “Their enemies really did a number on their house, didn’t they?” she asked, looking around. The mansion was three stories tall, Victorian and definitely did not lack the large amounts of expensive decorum.

            Noah shrugged in reply as Elliot was tiptoeing around some broken glass. “You forget that Luke has the tendency to overdo it when he gets in a fight. He gets really theatrical about it.” He said, walking down the long corridor and into the foyer.

            “Vampires.” Elliot said distastefully. “Centuries of being alive seems to make vampires kind of eccentric, don’t you think?” he asked, admiring a gorgeous painting that had claw marks ruining the canvas. Elliot was always an odd one, Kendra thought.

            Kendra shrugged. “I just feel like they grow into themselves more. I mean, we’re mortal and we only have so many years to grow into ourselves-hey!” she cried, yanking a vase away from Noah that he was carelessly tossing back and forth between his hands. She carefully set the vase down. “This isn’t a vase! It’s an urn!” she set the urn down gently on the table, glaring at her friend.

            “Oops.” He said. “So where are they?” he asked, looking around. “I mean, I know that they must be cleaning up a mess, but you think that when two of your guards are lying unconscious with their necks snapped.” He paused. “What does Stephanie look like anyways?” Kendra almost forgot that the Guardians knew each other, but only knew their assigned Chosen. Same with the Chosen, they only knew their personal Guardian and their peers.

            Before she was able to reply, she saw that Elliot and Noah had frozen in place. Their faces were pale and they were staring at the corridor that they had just come from. Kendra looked over and saw nothing. Without a word, Noah moved faster than any human, grabbing her and all but throwing her behind the two brothers. Elliot suddenly had flames decorating his fingertips. Noah suddenly had ice creeping over his arms, where his hands was ice that was carved to a point. “There’s nothing there you guys!” Kendra shouted, sounding panicked.

            It was rare for Noah and Elliot to be like this; they only used it whenever someone threatened their coven. It was also something only the high priestess could do-which was use the four elements. Apparently, not even the Chosen had been recorded to have been able to use the elements. Only something that the high priestess of their coven could do, since they were the closest to the Goddess. Even now, she noticed something inhuman about their qualities. Their eyes seemed brighter, like they weren’t real, their muscles looked as if it had been sculpted from marble. Their bone structure became more defined. Magick was emanating from them.

            They didn’t look human.

            Because they’re not, a voice had to remind her, they’re tapping into the Goddess’ raw power. There’s no human in them left. “Blessed be.” She heard the brothers say, their voices sounding rather ethereal. They made a move to surge forward but instinctively, she reached for the collars of their shirts just like she did when an ex of hers decided to be an ass and party crash her birthday party.

            “There’s nothing there!” she repeated, trying to see what they were seeing. Was there a glamour? Or a spell? “What are you guys seeing?” she demanded.

            Noah and Elliot shared a glance and she automatically felt small. They looked well, like gods. Noah normally stood with a partial slouch, and his eyes always kind. Elliot always stood like a cat: lanky and almost lazy but there was a sense of superiority behind his icy blue orbs. Now, they stood with their feet shoulder length apart and their shoulders squared, there was no form of kindness in either one of their eyes. “The fucker who kill our parents.” Elliot answered simply.

            Her hands jerked back. She knew that it was still a fresh wound. They lost their family shortly after Noah turned nineteen. It had been a year, and the killer hadn’t been found. “He’s not there.” She softly told them. Then it hit her, who could show them who killed their parents? No matter what they said, they were terrified of the man. “Steph, that’s not funny.” She called, regaining her composure.

            There was a giggle before a girl with light brown-almost dirty blonde-hair and warm brown eyes stepped out from the shadows. She had such pale skin that it looked like she was glowing under the sunlight. “Took you log enough Kendra.” She said, her voice sounding as smooth as silk. Stephanie tilted her head and looked at the boys. “Who did you see?”

            Noah and Elliot were flushed. “We could have killed you!” Noah said, their features already returning to normal. The flames were gone, the ice had broken apart and melting on the ground. “Goddess!”

            “You wouldn’t have killed me!” she scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

            “If I accidentally lit you on fire, we would have.” Elliot had a glare on his face that could have frightened the dead back to life.

            “You were all too scared of what you were seeing. That’s kind of the whole point of fear inducement.” She stated, pushing past the two boys and pulling Kendra into a hug.

            “Does the whole fear inducement ever backfire on you? Like if you were afraid of the dark…” Noah inquired, his glare not leaving Stephanie.

            She looked at him, a bored look on her perfect face. “Sweetheart, I don’t fear the dark, the dark fearsme.” She replied, then saw Kendra’s appalled face. She was wearing a beautiful ivory sundress that had a large splotch of red on her torso and all over the front of the skirt. “It’s not my blood.” Kendra felt her anger boil when she saw the circular cut in the dress.

            The next figure that came out from the shadows was a handsome man. He had curly dirty-blond hair and baby blue eyes with a red ring around his pupils. He had some stubble that normally wouldn’t have worked on a normal man, but he managed to make it work. The man’s beauty wasn’t what caused Kendra to gasp, but instead, the fact that his arm was covered in blood and in his palm was a heart.

            Instead of cowering behind Noah and Elliot because the vampire was carrying a heart so casually like one would carry a book, Kendra strode towards him, her shoulders squared. He looked at her with curious eyes before she flicked her wrist and the heart went flying. She then made a gesture of pushing someone and he was pressed against a wall, Kendra got on her tiptoes, her forearm now pressed against his neck. Stephanie, Noah, and Elliot cried out. “What kind of Guardian are you?!” she demanded.

            He looked at her with a smirk on his face. “You must be Kendra, the overprotective one.” He said, his voice like a purr. “Stephanie is more than capable of taking care of herself.” His head suddenly jerked to the right. A handless slap. The smirk never left his face.

            “I know that she can.” Kendra seethed. “But your first job is to make sure she is not in immediate danger, not standing there with a heart in your hand like you’re getting a portrait done!” she snapped.

            When he looked at Noah and Elliot with a raised eyebrow, they held their hands up in defeat and shook their heads. She rarely lost her temper, and when she did she normally had a good reason. Her blood boiled and she was about to say something but he waved her off, walking over to Noah and Elliot. She surged towards him, a spell at the tip of her tongue and her cheeks red but Noah and Elliot beat her to the punch, pulling her back. “Goddess Luke, do you have to piss everyone off?” Stephanie sighed. Kendra took a deep breath, pulling back any frustration she had towards the vampire Guardian.

            “Witches are always so fun to tick off.” He chuckled.

            “What happened here anyways?” Kendra asked as Noah and Elliot slowly released her forearms.

            “It’s was crazy!” Stephanie exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. “I was finishing getting ready to go for a walk with Luke and the next thing I knew, a metal pole was in my side.” She pointed to the spot where her dress had gotten torn. Kendra shot Luke a look and he raised his bloodied hand in defense.

            “I was already fighting off my horde.” He then turned to the brothers. “Who else was attacked?” he asked.

            Elliot was the first to answer, “We heard that it was just you and the dragons. The werewolves are fine and went to help the dragons. We went here because you were closer.”

            Luke sighed. “Looks like we don’t have a chance to clean up.” He looked at the large mess and let out another sigh. “I suppose I’ll have the servants clean it up. But we are going to need to clean up, it looks bad if you have two people covered in blood.”

            The three witches nodded. “I think Noah and Elliot know my mansion well enough to find their ways into the kitchen. You must be famished.” The two vampires disappeared down the hallway, their footsteps so quiet it was almost frightening.

            “Well, we already saw the show. Dinner sounds nice.” Noah stated as he and Elliot took a step down another corridor and into a kitchen. Behind him, Kendra scoffed, her eyes rolling. “Don’t take everything Luke says personally, he just enjoys digging his heels into you and dancing the jig.”

            “Ironically, he has done that before.” Elliot said as they entered the kitchen. Kendra leaned against the counter as Elliot and Noah began searching through the food.

            She sighed and watched the two brothers work like a well-oiled machine as they cooked. Growing up with them, she never really realized that they didn’t look like brothers. They just acted like it that no one really bothered to inspect their features and say, “You both have your mother’s nose.” Which they didn’t. Elliot looked too much like his mother, pale skin, beautiful black hair, stunning icy blue eyes, but he acted a lot like his father, an air of superiority, always a charming smile on his face and taking everything that life threw at him casually. Noah on the other hand, looked more like his father, the pale skin but with a peach undertone, the dark blonde hair, and a jaw that could cut through glass, and forest green eyes. However, he acted like his mother, always sassy, but kind, and balancing out her husband. The two brothers were rather blunt though, which was one of the few traits that they did share.

            “Food’s ready!” Elliot shouted, pulling her out of her brown study. He slid a glass of water onto the counter and set a plate of BLT on the counter. “Your favorite.” He teased as she wrinkled her nose.

            “I hate BLTs.” She grumbled, pushing the plate away. He picked up the plate and took a bite. What replaced it was Noah’s omelets. “Thank you.” She said, taking a bite. A content sigh left her lips when the warm taste of cheese melted with the ham and potatoes.

            Noah chuckled and took a bite out of his own sandwich. “How long does it take to pack?” Kendra asked.

            “To be fair, they are covered in blood. Heard it was a bitch to get out of clothes” Elliot answered, finishing his sandwich. “And we still need to contact the others and find a good place to meet up. Not like we can go to a mall and not expect to be brutally murdered.”

            She sighed, resting her chin on her hand. “Now explain how we do that.” She challenged, waiting for some smart ass remark from one of them.

            Noah was quick to swallow the bite that he had been chewing on, and replied, “Why our lovely Kennie,” he began, smirking when he saw her flinch at the old nickname. “We send them a message. Eli, would you like to do the honors?”

            “Why, of course.” Elliot said, cleaning off his hands. He held out his hand to Kendra, which she reluctantly took. He closed his eyes and began to chant softly, she couldn’t really hear him; she braced herself for what happened next. It was like someone had just punched her in the gut, and she knew that Elliot was using powers to expand his own. “We need to meet up.” He said clearly, then raised his eyebrow, having a mental conversation. “Okay.” He finished, releasing Kendra’s hand.

            “How’d it go?” Kendra asked, breathing heavily. She hated being used as a way to contact the others.

            “They didn’t like the worms, but apparently the wolves have a cabin where we could meet.” Elliot answered, stretched.

            “A cabin? Isn’t that going to be small?” Ten people in a small wooden cabin? Plus three dragons? That was going to be a tight fit. “What about the dragons?” He shrugged in reply.

            Stephanie’s voice pulled them out of their conversation. “Worms? Therese isn’t going to like that.” In her hands was a large duffle bag that looked rather heavy, but she made it look like it was as light as a feather. Behind her was Luke, who was carrying a similar duffle bag but had it thrown over his shoulder.

            “Do any of you guys know where this cabin is?” Noah asked.

            Luke nodded. “Bash was bragging about his new cabin overlooked a waterfall. I can lead the way.”

            Elliot gulped down the last of his water and made a gesture at Luke. “Lead the way Luke.” He stated as Kendra rose from her seat.

            “This should be an interesting trek.” She thought she heard Noah mumble as they followed Stephanie and Luke out of the house. 

The End

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