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Leonard Balor. A man who wanted nothing more than to rule the world with an iron fist. His plan to get to his goal: to kill the Guardians and unleash the uncontrollable powers that the five Chosen were born with. With the Chosen and the Guardians on the run, Leonard is pushed to do the extreme in order to get to his goal of world domination: start a war. Now the Chosen are faced with the impossible: Save the world or save themselves. Copyright 2015©

Noah Stuart sat cross-legged on the cold hardwood floor of his room. He had drawn the circle and had purified it, making sure that all the four elements sat perfectly on the four points. He placed his hands on his knees, palms up and started to chant softly. “Blessed be.” He breathed, feeling all of the magick surge through him. After a few more deep breaths, he decided to actually and try to manipulate air. It was one of his stronger elements, along with water, but somehow, he had a hard time manipulating the rather light element. No pun intended.

            Just as the air in the room began to swirl around in the room, rustling the bed sheets, opening books and furiously flipping through the pages, his older brother opened the door, slamming it against the wall. And just like that, all of his concentration, gone. The wind stopped and everything stopped moving. “Brother!” his elder brother said, sauntering into the room. When he saw what was happening, he feigned making a surprised face. “Oops.”

            “And you did that on purpose Eli.” Noah retorted, quickly tearing down his circle. “You know I need to practice of my Rite of Ascension.” He added quickly, standing up hearing his joints pop. How long had he been sitting down? The Stuarts were well known for their strong affiliations to the Goddess, and the two brothers were no exception. However, when their mother was unable to bore a girl, the title of high priestess-well high priest-had been passed down to the two of them. Since their powers to control the elements were split down the middle. His brother, Elliot had done his Ascension a year before, officially gaining that title; Noah on the other hand still had to do his before they were both allowed to rule the coven. Noah only needed to master the last element before undergoing his Ascension, which happened to be air.

            Elliot waved the thought away with his hand, and began helping his brother reorganize everything. “You can practice that later. Start packing.” He explained quickly. Noah looked up, his forest green eyes boring into his brother’s icy blue ones. Pack? They were told that they weren’t allowed to leave until Noah finished his ascension. “Yes, pack. The coven has gotten the message that Leonard is on the move again. And you know what he wants to do.” Due to a reflex, Noah clutched the necklace that was bestowed on him on his nineteenth birthday. It was a Tiger Eye that was shaped into a flame. It was from his mother, to balance him out since he was nothing but calm. His brother had an Aqua Aura shaped as a tear drop since he was nothing but raw, fiery energy.

            “He can’t unleash the girl’s powers. They’re still coming into power.” He stated stupidly, not wanting to believe that they were going to be unleashed. No one really knew what their powers were-each generation was different which made it hard to figure out which one would have which power. And unleashing them before they’ve bloomed would mean war.

            Elliot rolled his eyes. The kind of eye roll that he was famous for. “Isn’t that the whole point of unleashing them? Mass destruction? Now, come on, start packing, we leave for town in the morning.”

            “Wait, what about Kendra?” Noah asked quickly, putting some books away in his bookshelf. He didn’t really look up as he continued to reorganize their room. “We can’t go off to protect the Chosen if we leave one at home…” he added quickly, trailing off.

            “Oh yeah! Forgot about little witch, didn’t I?” Elliot exclaimed. “Well… I will just send her a lovely little witch-like message telling her to pack up and that we’re going to get her at the crack of dawn. I think her worms forming words never grows old, do you?” He turned around and opened the door to leave but quickly made a surprised noise. “Kendra…” he greeted slowly, the look of distaste clear on his brother’s face.

            The blonde didn’t even bother to glance at Elliot before walking into Noah’s room, a backpack slung over her shoulder as well as a small duffle bag. “Hey you guys.” She greeted, setting her things down. “Should I put my stuff in the guest room?” Kendra quickly asked, gesturing the room adjacent to Noah’s.

            “Or on the couch. Outside.” Elliot answered simply, looking at her through narrowed eyes. “Whichever works.” As he left the room, he pushed passed Kendra and muttered something along the lines of, “Stupid clairvoyant.” She smirked and focused her attention onto Noah.

            “I can see he still doesn’t like you.” Noah stated simply as he fixed his bed. He looked up and saw her smiling. “Come here and give me a hug, Ken.” He added quickly, turning his attention away from his reorganizing and opening his arms.

            Another big smile and she bounded towards him, her arms open. “It’s been too long.” She mumbled into his shoulder before pulling away. Then his shoulder was smacked. Repeatedly. “I know that you’ve been busy practicing for your Ascension, but is it that hard to send me a witch message? Or I don’t know… Walk down the damn street and say hi?” she demanded, her arms folded tightly over her chest. Her baby blue eyes stared him down.

            “Well, you’re clairvoyant so you obviously knew that I was alive.” He retorted, taking her duffle bag out of her hands and walking outside of his room and into the guest room. She rolled her eyes and followed. “And I’ve been working really hard. Half of the time Eli has to walk into the room and make sure I’ve been eating.” He explained as part of his rather half-assed attempt of an apology.

            She rolled her eyes and he swore that she was just the female version of his brother. “Anyways, how’s the practice?” she asked simply, as if she didn’t already know the answer. Stupid clairvoyant. “I mean, my Ascension was a pain in my ass, especially balancing the whole clairvoyant and telekinetic thing. It was hard to figure out which one was my witch power and which one I was just given.” She told him.

            “So you’ve come into your powers.” He said slowly. “Wait, if you’re telekinetic, then why the hell am I carrying your bag?” he carelessly tossed the duffle bag onto the bed and crossed his arms.

            Kendra chuckled and plopped down onto the bed. “Because one, my telekinesis had kicked in weeks before my Ascension, so I’m not really a certified pilot yet. Two, payback for not talking to me.” She replied, crossing her legs, her infamous smirk on her face.

            He hesitated before asking, “Are the nightmares starting?” he whispered, even though Elliot already knew of her nightmares. It was hard to hide from the nightmares when they were kids enjoying a sleepover and Kendra shoots up screaming that the world is going to end because of her. Kind of traumatizing for two seven year olds and a six year old. Ever since then, her nightmares came in sporadically, a sign of her powers coming. But the boys were told that it was nothing to be worried about, since the girls were at different ages, different maturity levels, the nightmares would come at different times. Meaning they had more time. It just saddened the both of them that Kendra was the first to undergo the nightmares.

            She was nonchalantly inspecting her perfectly painted nails. “You mean the nightmares where I see you and Eli get impaled with stakes while the world burned behind you?” she asked flippantly, causing him to flinch at her blunt behavior. “Yeah, they’re back. Ever since my Ascension, they’ve gotten longer, and more vivid.” She sighed.

            “Have you seen Leonard?”

            “I’ve also seen Leonard snapping his sister’s neck while we were watching.” She answered hastily, her cheeks red at the memory. He had forgotten about that tragedy that the girls had to undergo when they were children. She dropped onto her back, her blonde hair splaying behind her. Silence stretched between the two and Noah was unsure as to whether or not to comfort her or leave her there. Kendra rarely showed weakness, and when she did she had the tendency of scolding herself for it.

            Just as Noah opened his mouth to say something, Elliot walked in with a steaming hot cup of tea. Noah let the scent fill his nostrils and smelled chamomile. And something else but he didn’t really know his herbs as well as he should. “Here, drink this.” Elliot commanded, handing it to her. She raised an eyebrow but he answered, “It’s my special concoction. Been proven to give you a good night’s sleep without nightmares.” He looked proud of himself, and Noah almost applauded.

            “Guess we’ll find out tonight.” She said simply, raising the cup in a mock toast and drinking the tea.

            Elliot turned to Noah. “Go finish packing, I’ll make sure she goes to sleep.” He ordered, using his big brother voice over the two of them. Noah nodded and reluctantly left the room. When his mind didn’t allow him to drift off, he decided to finish organizing and pack his clothes, then allowed himself to drift off while reading a novel.

            A high pitched scream jolted Noah from his sleep. In his sleep filled haze, his first thought was Kendra. He shot up from his seat, feeling all the bones in his body groan in protest. Noah stumbled out of his room, tripping over everything that he had just organized hours ago and into Kendra’s room.

            Thankfully, Elliot had gotten there first. He had wrapped his arms around Kendra as she was sobbing hysterically and thrashing still obviously in a state of shock. “You’re safe. You’re safe!” he repeated, trying to avoid her flailing hands. He saw Noah’s wide eyes and barked an order, “Go put protective sigils around the house and contact the council. Now!” his blue eyes were filled with a fire that Noah had never seen in his elder brother.

            “What happened?” Noah demanded, trying to remember all of the protective sigils that he had learned and which was stronger. It was so hard to think with Kendra’s screaming drowning out his sleepy thoughts. “Elliot, what happened?”

            He looked at Noah with a grave look on his face. “The girls were attacked.” He answered simply. “Kendra had a nightmare of the girls being attacked. Now go. We don’t have time.” Noah nodded and quickly ran towards the front door and threw it open. Cloaked figures surged into the home without warning and he let out a cry, staggering backwards. His heartbeat started to slow when he realized who the figures were.

            “Council.” He reminded himself while at the same time greeting the figures.

            “We have already placed protective measures around this home and the girl’s. Where is she?” he gestured towards the guest room just as one moved away from their formation while the others sat down on the couch and began dialing numbers, murmuring frantically into the phones.

            Noah ran back into room only to find one of the members muttering a spell as they touched Kendra’s pale forehead. She looked rather dazed then she dropped into Elliot’s arms, unconscious. “What do we do?” Elliot asked, not taking his eyes off of his brother.

            “The three of you will be leaving just as soon as we know that the assailants have left the city.” They answered monotonously. “She will wake soon, I’ve only spelled her so she calms down. Her screams will alert them that she is here.” It was a female who was talking to them. She looked at Noah then Elliot. “We also need to find out whether or not one of the girls was taken.”

            “Taken?” Elliot asked, his muscles tightening. Noah straightened up and stared at the council member. “Why would he take one of the girls?” he demanded, gently setting Kendra down on the bed. “Doesn’t he need all of them to unleash hell?”

            She shook her head, and Elliot just realized that all of the council members were wearing all black ensembles with black hooded cloaks. “No, he only needs one. If one were to be unleashed before she comes into her powers, then it becomes a domino effect, the girls will begin to slowly lose control of their powers. Then eventually themselves.”

            “And like that,” Noah began slowly, “They’ve started a war.” He felt all of the color drain from his face and saw that Elliot was paler than before.

            “We’ve got to move fast. Boys, make sure that you have everything you need for the road ahead. We don’t have much time.” She commanded. The two boys shared rather wary glances and reluctantly left the room. “Noah.” She called, stopping him. “The Council apologizes that you will be unable to complete the Ascension.”

            He shook his head. “That’s fine, I mean we can do it some other time. Others have done it before, right?”

            “I’m afraid you don’t understand.” She began slowly and his heart stopped in his chest.

            “Understand what?” he asked trying to keep his voice even.

            “If we do not do your Ascension within a small amount of time, you will not only lose the option to become a high priest besides your brother for the time being…” she trailed off, choosing her words carefully. “But you will also lose the position of guarding the girls. Permanently.” She hesitated, “I can try and sway the Council to give you more time but the date they give you will be the date you must meet.”

            His heart stopped and he stared at her. “Noah!” Elliot called, though it sounded like a rather dull echo. Lose his position as a Guardian? Not being a coven leader for a week was understandable-his ancestors had done it before. But lose the position as a Guardian? The position that his family passed down from generation to generation? That was disgraceful to his family’s name. “Noah!” Elliot clamped down his hand on his brother’s shoulder, jolting him back to reality. “Are you coming?”

            Noah was unable to remove his eyes from the council member. “Y-Yeah. I’ll be there.” He stammered, trying to keep his voice even. He slowly followed his brother.

            “I will try to help you to the best of my ability.” He thought he heard her shout after him. 

The End

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