Chapter three:

Our fight was coming closer and closer, but at least i got some rest and some time alone, before I would hear the gun shots and grenades coming towards my crew and I. My gun was all set, and all I had to do was pull the trigger. It had it's on little part in my trench so I could aim stright away.

At 5:55 am, gun shot after gun shot, I stayed in my little trench and shot around about 245 shots, i missed a few but got alot of people. the fight was over in about 20 minutes with some on the ground dieing and some running away in shock. They really didnt know what they were in for. About ten people in my crew had passed away, with a dreadful and slow death.

The least we could do was help bury them into the cold dirt, we dug and dug the ten holes so they could have a peachful place to lay. Not all of the crew would be buryed, some lay there to rot because after the fights some crew are reallly tired and couldnt make the effect to dig for hours. And some are not found..

 I didnt know much of the crew, because I didnt really make the effert because I was still caught up with Jenna in my head, and just wanting to go home. But I got to get that out of my head, because something bad may happen. I met some of the guys around the camp fire. They were all great people and we all shared of ife storys together.



The End

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