Chapter two:

I felt as if I could tell her anything, I loved being with her she was amazing. I never wanted to let her go, but it was all too late I already in rolled to go of to war. My dad also really liked Jenna, they were always having conversations, more then dad and I ever had in the last eight years.. It only took me two weeks to fall in love with Jenna, and she felt the same. We did everything together and never left each others side in that two weeks we spent together. From going out to tea and having dad's homemade pasta.

After my two weeks we're up, and it was now my time to go to war. I had to say goodbye, Jenna made me promise that I would see her again, I kept my promise.. My dad was another person it was hard to say goodbye, I got on the plane and of I went to war.

The long trip over seas of to Gallipoli, was tiring and long. I just wanted to hurry up and serve my time in the war, so I could go back to Jenna! I never knew I could miss a girl like I do with her.

As we landed in Gallipoli on the 17th of June 1915. We dugout our trenches, I lay there in the cold wet ground, with tears in my eyes. I always did want to go to war, but being here just really knew how much I would miss my home and family. I wanted it to be over. My first night in, and still 4 more months to go before I could come back home.


The End

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