world war 1

a story about world war 1

I was on a boat and there was airplans flying over me and i can here booms going off. Then we stop and the gate in front of me opens and i start running to a crashed boat in i can here bullets going parst me and then i jumped to saffty. alright man we have to get up that hill to brak the lines ok then we have to get booms up there to blow the baricks and then we take out the gunners ok go. so i star running up the hill and why i am runnign i see people dieign but i keep on running. when i get there i look back and only 25 people made it and only 1 boomer made it so i ran back to get the booms of one of the died booms but when i get there i got shot in the arm but i got the booms and i start running back and i made it a cave the to my caption and they started to set the booms up i just sat there waited.Looked over and they where reday to go so i jumped out of the way boom and i got up  and stared to run up the hill. i could here the buttlets going parst me.  

The End

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