world war 1

Chapter one:

Marilee is my birth name and I was born on the 11th of June.

After a long 18 years, it was time for me to get out of here! My house, a place where somewhere I should feel safe and love being, but I just don't! Ever since I could remember it was just me and my dad. A type of dad the expected everything good, and nothing bad to ever happened, my dad changed when my mum had died. He changed into angrier and stressful man. He always wanted the best for me, but yet… We never had a good conversation, we barley talked and sometimes I just needed someone to talk.  He was always cooking or always at work. He took over the family business witch was collecting coins. He was obsessed and never had anytime for me.

School in the other hand, was boring and dull. Never anything good had happened. I always was getting into fights but I was a straight A student, I wanted to make my dad proud. It was all I ever wanted.

Every since I was ten, my mum and always had said "one day you'll save this country, our community Marilee. I wanted to refill my mum's dreams. We use to always talk about the war and how she wanted me to go. My mum had died from a sick illness, an illness no one could fight. She was the strongest person I knew, and letting go of her was something I could never imagine. My mums name was Jen; her funeral was surrounded by family and friends.

The last 18 years had its ups and downs; I always focused on school and nothing else. As I finished year twelve just like my mum always wanted me too. Before it was my time to go of to war. I had two weeks to spend at home after I had finished year twelve. On the first day of my two weeks, I met a girl her name was Jenna. I had never once opened up to a person, after my mum died but she changed that.


The End

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