A first experience

The hallways were confusing. The good news was that Tori was in about half of my classes. The bad news was that she wasn't in the other half.

The first half of the day went smoothly. I figured out that my first class would be gym, which I wasn't nessecarily good at.  At least I put in some effort. Then I had Science, Language Arts, and a study Hall with Tori. For lunch we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted, so we sat with some of Tori's friends from the year before. Some of them I knew, some I did not. They didn't seem to wonder why I was new here. I guess Tori had filled them in on why they hadn't seen me around for awhile, and for that I was grateful. I must have been asked that question at least 50 times so far.

It was kind of a good feeling, seeing the way everyone was so accepting of me. I was the new girl to people who hadn't seen me before, and an old friend to those who had. And of course, everyone was new here, since it was their first year in a new school. The teachers were strangers to the student body and some of them seemed just as nervous as I was. To be facing all of these new people.

But after lunch, I felt like a newborn lamb in the middle of a lion pride. I had Algebra 1 right after lunch, and I didn't know anyone. True, two of the people who sat at my lunch table were in algebra with me, but I wasn't familiar with them.

And as luck would have it I was seated smack dab in the middle of the front row of the class room.

It was like a zoo in there. All of the rowdy students grouped into this period, and the entire classtime consisted of paper airplanes and spitball competitions. The teacher dealt with it heroically, attempting to ignore the ignorance going on around her.

A girl named Sarah and a boy named Josh sat next to me. Sarah sat at my table for lunch and was in a couple other classes of mine. She was quiet and refined, much like me. But she seemed to have a assertiveness to her, and she was in control of her own mind. She did not engage in the reckless activities, rather payed steady attention to the lesson being poorly taught.

Josh Menkel, on the other hand, was the eye of the tornado. In fact, he made the paper airplane that almost ran into the side of my head. Luckily, I ducked out of its way, all the while glaring at this rebel.

"Sorry," he laughed, looking down to fix the bent tip of the plane. But his head jerked back up as he took another look at my annoyed face. He layed the plane on his cluttered desk and leaned over so his face was in mine.

"I haven't seen you around here before. You're that new girl everyone's talking about, right? The crazy one?" This comment stabbed me right in the chest and I looked down quickly so he wouldn't see my watery eyes. My cheeks were flushed and I was sure by his amused tone that he knew this.
"Shut up, Josh," Sarah piped up next to me. I glanced up and she was bent slightly forward, her eyes piercing.
"You know, you don't have to be such a jerk. Besides, it's none of your business." A respect welled up inside of me for this new ally of mine.

"Sorry," the boy next to me said, leaning back in his chair. I didn't look up, I didn't say anything. I thought he wouldn't be bothering me anymore. But boy, was I wrong.

The End

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