World outside my mind

I don't know yet....

 I skipped in the fall leaves, red orange and brown sprinkles falling around me. I spun, feeling the brisk fall wind whisk around my short brown hair. When I stopped, my vision was blurred by the brown strings. I smiled, brushed the tangled hairs out of my face, and looked up at the sky, then fell down in the cold grass. The green was still present, although not much was elsewhere. I inhaled the fresh air. How long had it been since I actually walked to school?

"Sarah, what are you doing?" Tori laughed behind me. I sat up and layed my legs out straight in front of me. Tori eyed me spectulatively, but I could see the concealed grin in her saphire blue eyes.

"I can't believe how good it feels to walk outside in the daytime, the air, the ground, everything is so beautiful, it meshes perfectly. I don't know, it's sort of magical!" I sprawled out on the ground, the leaves crackling underneath me and closed my eyes. I could sense everything around me. The farmer's field was to my left, another dirt path to my right, smaller than the one we were on now. I saw the sun attempting to break through the thick, quilted clouds miles above us. Oh, how I hoped it would succeed. That the sky would open up, just for me on this day. A day of re-birth.

The End

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