Ghost Whispers

0518hrs Washington DC - Survivor House

Jacen woke up grogally. He didn't know where he was or what was going on. He did know that the light that was illuminating the room, was bright... too bright. He began to sit up... or tried to. The pain was just a bit too much for him to handle and he slammed back down on the bed that he barely noticed he was on.

"Hey, you're awake." Someone said. Jacen slowly looked around and found the source of the voice and it was a pretty one.

She walked towards his bed with an easy grace. Her hair shone brightly even in the small ammount of light that was entering the room. And even though her face was a bit covered with a light coat of dirt and dust, it still showed her beautiful complexion.

"How are you feeling?" She asked him. Even though he was still a bit grogry, he still was able to answer.

"Like... um.... hell." he responded slowly. His head hurt and something else hurt worse.

"Yeah, well, that would happen after most of your house falls one ya." She told him. So that's what happened.

"How did I show up here?" He asked. He raised his head a bit and surveyed the room. It was actually a basement, but had multiple rooms. The windows were barricaded, mostly, but there were enough other lights to suffice. He seemed to be the only one in the room minus the girl, even thought there were other beds.

"One of my friends found you out in the street. You were screaming your head off for help." She said, "We were lucky we got to ya, the riders almost got to ya."


"A bike gang that roams around now and tries to kill, steal and other wise antagonize the public, or what's left of it. We got you just in time. We heard their motors in the distance, but like I said, we got to you."

Jacen sat there for a moment, the smiled, "So you were the ghost?"

"What?" The girl asked, perplexed.

"The person who covered my eyes and mouth."

"Oh yeah, that was me. The Riders were using flares, you didn't have sunglasses and your eyes were probably hurt already."

"So you are the ghost."

"Yes, yes I am." She started to slowly dissapear behind Jacen's heavy eyelids.

"Who... who are you?" he asked weakly

Before he passed out, the girl leaned in and whispered, "Just a ghost, that's all."

The End

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