windy city falls !

      we layed huddled together my back  was pressed to  someone elses i could feel there side move up and down in peaceful sleep i could tell that i wasn't in my warm bed at home and the person at my back wasn't my twin sister. i wiggled a little and gasped when i felt the sting of metal bite into my wrist.

    where am i? i thought struggling to sit up but finding out that my waist was tied to the person at my back.  my check layed on something cold and hard, rubbing my check against it .i figured it was the ground. ok deep breath stomr, just calm down and figure out where you are first, but i couldn't calm down. i was scared! where was my family my friends? my twin sister? i screamed and thrashed screaming my twin's name parying to god someone would help me, but noone came only the person at my back woke up.

  "what the?" his voice was ruff, he wiggled a little and like me knew he where he was suppose to be.

  "hello.." i whispered , trying to see, but coming up with only blackness infront of my eye. he froze reliazing for the first time that i was here.

 "hi there miss whats your name?"

 " storm lulu demon..." i said near tears.

 " shh..don't cry i'm sure the goverment will come pick us up soon.  i'm a agent white i'm sure genarl taylor will come rescue us soon." he said comforting me.  but i just cried , remembering how i feel asleep while playing on my x-box , chatting with friends. i cry more when i notice i will never get to say goodbye our meet them in person. i wonder if jacen is ok..he lives in d.c , i thought of my new friend i made.  agent white pinched my already aching wrist , signaling for slience.

  a door far away opened, i could hear heavy booted feet hit the floor and stop close to my rigth and press a button.

  "hello...we are the  anti-world terriost group. we have choosen you as our hostages till we recive what we want. our goal: the end of the world. however we will are willing to compromise with you. if you agree to our terms. if you survie the up coming events we will set you free.  here are the rules

  only one of you can survie

  you must finish the game with out the help of the other

  if the time has ended and neither of you have finished the world shall be destoried

 if one of you have finished the game then you will go frree

 if both have finished the game you both will die.

 thank you for playing with the anti-world terriost please play with us again in the next life time. "  the voice boomed across the room was harsh and evil , it made its point clear that this group was not someone to mess with. the recording was turned off and the feet moved past us stoping in again to what sounded like the left of us, and clicked on a t.v.

  "the group know as AWT anti-world terriost have been bombing places around the world non-stop." the female report than went on to list a group of important cities. "wait a we are getting a call! we have just reported that chicago has been set a flame! there are no current surivors! i repeat the windy city has fallen!

 my heart much for going back home...i wonder if my sister is still alive. my mind wondering if she burned with the city she loved so much. my ears twiched as the foot steps moved out of the room leaving the t.v on and banging a  door closed.

  suddenly agent white cursed. somehow he had freeded himself and now was helping me out of my bonds.


 this isn't good, i looked around me taking in everything my eyes never  missing a thing. that is what i am trained to do as a secret agent, i must know my surrondings , i looked around at the death trap around me straight out of a saw movie. on the far west side of the room about a good yard away was the door and infront of that door was a sliver key on a sliver of rope 20 feet of the ground. but inbetween us and the door was a maze of death that noone not even me could get through. i looked down at the poor girl who had been dragged into this, her long black curls looked odd against the white spotless floor , her pretty face was pinced in pain and fear , she wore a white hospital gown the same as my own.  i wiggled by self free than turned to help her. undoing the tight  metal cuffs around her wrists. slowly she sat up feeling around her .

  " i can't see..." she said in a high whiney voice.

 i reached for the cloth covering her eyes and cursed when i saw what they did to her.

  taking a gulp trying to figure out how to break it to  her.

  "thats cause your blind...."

  "what?" her hands flew to her eyes , running over the thousands of stiches that held her eyes closed. her pretty mouth forming in a slient cry.

  " they sewed your eyes  together..." i said stating what we both knew.....

 this wasn't going to be easy....

The End

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