0813 DC ruins - US Army 1st Division HQ

The city was a mess when the Old Guard (3rd US Infantry Regiment) was activated and sent around the city. While still keeping their main headquarters in their home of Fort Myers Virginia, really just around the bend from D.C., they were able to begin canvasing the city within mear minuets after the fallout dissipated. But where energy disipated, it collected somewhere else, I.E. the headquarters.

"What in god's name just happened?" General Lucas Taylor asked his aide who was standing beside him.

"Hell if I know sir, let me check." He said. The Lieutenant ducked towards a nearby computer and looked over the assistant's shoulder at the screen, "Oh hell," he breated, "We just lost New York!" He shouted. Everyone in the area began shouting at the top of their lungs, expletives were being strung together like elegant poetry, only that of a Marine's.

"So that makes what? London, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, L.A., NYC, DC and... Miami?" Another assistant inquired. His computer screen beeped a few times he turned back to it, "Hang on... getting a report now... We just lost Moscow too!"

"Dear God! When is this going to end!?" The general shouted rhetoricaly, "Wait, you said Seoul?"

The assistant looked at his screen quickly again, then turned back towards the General, "Yes sir, I'm seeing a mushroom in it." The assistants, at least some of them, were watching satilite video feeds of different parts of the world.

The General stood for a moment, then acted, "Is there anything going on in Pyongyang?"

"No sir, I'm watching it right now. I'm not seeing anything in or around it." one assistant replied, keeping his eyes on the screen.

"And Tehran?" the General asked. Now others in the room were begining to see what slippery slope he was going down.

"No sir, quiet as I'll get out," a third analyist replied, "I think I know what you're getting at sir."

The General flashed a faint smile, "Men, I need to make a house call."

The End

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