World on Fire

What would happen if one night you went to sleep, then woke up a few hours later to see a large mushroom cloud looming over your hometown?

0015hrs Washington DC - June 16th 2012

It was like anyother summer night in Washington DC, Jacen Smith sat in front of his tv, Xbox 360 wired in, playing one of his favorite games in his collection: Fallout 3. He found it funny that one of his favorite games was set in his town, and with a little luck, he was able to find some discrepancies with the layout of the city. Ok, maybe he was a bit silly on that one, but still, he had fun doing it.

"So, what are we up to this fine June morning?" Jacen asked his friends over Xbox live. A small little white wireless microphone transmitted his words over the internet to his compatriots from California to Ontario.

"Morning, it's the fracking evening!" a friend in L.A. replied. A few others in the party chat laughed as they too fought their own battles in their own games.

"Yeah, but for me, it's 12 in the morning." Jacen fired back as he dodged a pile of debris in front of his character. He guided his character through a few mines and other traps and finally to his objective: a small rundown house.

"That maybe, but it's 9am on this game." another friend said. He was playing Fallout as well, and was trying to play alongside Jacen so that the both of them could advise the other as to what was about to happen.

Jacen smiled, even at midnight, the few friends stil were able to crack jokes at just about everything, "Woah!" He exclaimed quietly, "John, watch out for a Behemoth  around the next gate." He quickly tapped a few buttons and his character followed faithfully, pulling out a large rocket launcher from what seemed like nowhere. "Take this you son of a biscut!" He fired and there was a large explosion, it was a mini-nuke launcher for the record, but there was another flash, this one was behind him, in the sky.

Jacen looked behind him and out the window and saw a small bright light high in the sky, above the clouds, moving slowly towards the middle of the city, next to the White House to be specific. He continued to watch it, until he heard a loud siren go off in the distance, it wasn't a good one.

"Oh no," Jacen gasped aloud, "Oh hell no!" He began racing to grab a few essentials.

On his headset, he could hear his friends asking what's wrong, "What did you get killed but didn't save?" One asked.

"No, much much worse than that!" Jacen yelled. He was home alone as his parents were away at his mother's parents house for a small vacation.

"Hang on..." A friend on Xbox live that lived in DC as well said, "Holy, this can't be happening!" They all heard a crash in the backround. Jacen felt his heart race, that siren could only mean one thing: A terrorist attack of some sort.

He turned off his Xbox, pulled his backpack filled with clothes and other things needed with him, and ran towards the most inner room of the house, the restroom. He closed the door and pulled out a small radio that was set to the Emergincy Broadcast System.

"This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill, there has been a nuclear device flying approaching the city, please do not panic, grab only essentials needed and move the innermost room or basement of your household. I repeat this is not a..." the radio broadcasted. Those were the last words Jacen heard before he saw the great big flash and then nothing as he blacked out.

The End

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