World of Wonder

How would you feel if strange beings landed here and invaded us? They're not here to stay, they want to take some of us with them. They transport us to a strange world full of beauty and wonder. Their incredibly complex and technologically advanced society only needs one thing to make it all work: Our help.

Being a slave is good.  I like it.  They’re teaching me to speak their language already, and I’ve seen such amazing things since I’ve been here. A whole new world has been opened up before my eyes.  I wish my parents and grandparents could see all of this.  They would be so happy for me.  

The small domicile they’ve given me is nice.  It’s a step up from the place I used to live.  There’s no comparison to the amazing palaces that they live in, but given where I came from, these cozy little quarters are delightful.  And the technology they use is beyond belief.  It seems like a privilege to be able to use these tools, and help them with their work.  I don’t understand everything, but I am so eager to learn.  I would have considered most of this to be magic if I had seen it before, but every day I understand more.  

I can still remember the first time I saw them, when they landed in their ships.  Some people even thought they were gods descended from the heavens.  But looking at the amazing crafts that they arrived in, I could imagine the tools and technology required to build such things.  I got my first clues to the fantastic race of beings, the wondrous society that must exist.  I was determined to be a part of it if they would let me.  I was absolutely overjoyed when I figured out that they came to take some of us with them.  Space on their ship was limited.  I admit, I wasn’t the biggest or fittest specimen of my race, but I made myself useful.  I helped them communicate with my people.  I used my head.  They must have liked that.  They took me along for the ride.  

The trip was uncomfortable I must say.  We travelled distances immeasurable by the units we knew.  The strange food made some of us sick.  The sheer claustrophobia of being crowded inside such a vessel caused some to lash out; even want to die.  For sake of safety, everyone had to be restrained.  The journey seemed endless.  Some didn’t survive.  But in the end, as my eyes emerged from the darkness, I beheld what I had dreamt of the entire time.  A shining new world.

The End

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