World of Warcraft: a Forbidden Love Story

Netherstorm was especially dark that night on my pvp server. I wove my epic night elf mount carefully between the mana wraiths, watching the ground carefully. That darn loot drop was supposed to be around these ruins somewhere, but the last ten minutes of searching yielded nothing.

Damn. My XP bar was only 40% away from hitting  level 70 with this second toon of mine. Being a night elf hunter, I had leveled quickly, only 3 weeks of calendar time during my holidays away from graduate school.  As a hunter, I was enjoying myself so much more than my L70 druid toon. But like any World of Warcraft character, this last climb to level 70 is the most anxious.

(Refocus, dammit. I almost aggroed that mana wraith and his buddy! Oh, wait...I see the quest drop ahead.)

That's when she appeared from behind the broken wall, like  a porcelain angel of violence. She was magnificent! A lithe blood elf paladin, with a glorious "70" beside her nameplate. She was flanked by a Tauren warrior and an undead rogue. I didn't really notice them, though, because I was stunned by her waifish face and the emote wink that blinked enticingly in my chat window.

The two Horde players turned to look at me, and the aftereffects of the wink turned quickly into fear.  I looked around me, and there were no other alliance players in site.

The End

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