Emergency evactuation

Eric allowed everyone to leave before he started cleaning the room. It wasn't very big, but there weren't many people interested in hearing about the mistakes of the past.

Mostly because they were either exaggerated, or out right fabricated. Everyone knew, somewhere down inside them, that the creatures were simply better. Better weapons, larger numbers, better technology. Everything.

There wasn't much to do for another ten minutes, so Eric took his time sorting through various paperwork. The florescent lights above him buzzed in the annoying way that made you want to be crazy, if for nothing else than an excuse to tear them out.

The printer to his right was printing paper, and the chatter of voices outside combined with it to the point where he just wanted to lay on his desk and sleep until the war was over.

The problem was, the desk was shaking. No, the whole room was. He jumped to his feet, but he just fell down as the shaking floor seemed to fly out from under him.

Then there were screams from the halls and he tried to make for the door. That's when he heard the deep, bass rumbling sound that was slowly getting louder. Red lights started flashing, and the rumbling kept growing louder. The alarms came on, but were nearly completely drowned out by it.

He stood up again this time trying to keep his balance. He felt like a drunk as he was running toward the door, the room swaying and shaking the way it did.

He opened the door and bellowed "What's going on!?" as loud as he could, though there was no answer. He didn't much figure there would be though, he doubted anyone could hear him. Or perhaps they had and he simply couldn't hear them?

He walked with a hand on the wall to keep from falling all the way to the tunnel entrance. All the bases had at least 1 tunnel connecting it with the surface to allow people in and out to bring supplies.

However, the blast door was down. That could only mean...

He ran as fast as he was able without tripping to the main conference room, where there already seemed to be an argument. There wasn't much of a hierarchy anymore. The way most saw it, you could have all the fancy names you wanted, but it doesn't mean you know what you're talking about.

No, the only way you got judged anymore was by your actions. And so, whenever a decision need be made, it always took longer than necessary. But this time, time was the one thing they didn't have.

"Alright, shut up!" A man with white hair and a beard called from the back of the room. He didn't seem to be squabbling like the rest of the men in there.

"The enemy has breached our tunnel. Now, so far, this has always meant total annihilation. No survivors, no trace, nothing."

Well that got them quiet. Eric thought. He couldn't help his mind going to inappropriate places in dire situations. It happened. Whether he, or someone else, wanted him to or not.

"I believe we can be the exception!" the man bellowed. People started clearing out from the man, and it was then Eric realized the man was short. Very short. He had only been able to be seen because he was standing on top of a table.

"We have plenty of supplies to sustain us, and all the firepower we could concentrate through the tunnel. I just checked the stock room earlier today in fact. I even have a plan."

With that, the little man jumped off the table. With no one talking as they watched the man walk forward, Eric realized the rumbling had stopped. Even the shaking had subsided.

The man went up to a computer, a struggle to get atop the chair, then begin rapidly typing on the keyboard. Shortly a projector buzzed to life, and an image was displayed with several human shaped holes in it.

As people moved away from the projector, a diagram of the base could be seen, as well as several dozen red dots. The red, Eric knew, was where a sensor had been tripped.

"Ok, here's what we do."

The End

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