Meanwhile, halway across the globe

"Alexis!" thundered a man in a sleek, full black suit. It would be night fall soon, and he was going out looking for survivors again tonight.

A petite woman, just over 3 feet tall, burst in with the same black suit on. Her Commander towered over her by nearly 7 inches. But they were different species, and Dangers typically were shorter than Knights.

"Yes Commander." she said still slightly out of breath. She was tempted to correct him, but thought better of it. She didn't get to be Captain by talking back to her superiors. And even so, Commander Lembrow had a reputation of not being the most patient Danger alive.

"What do you know about the humans? Aside from the grade school stuff." he added on as an after thought. Alexis mulled the question over for a moment, she wasn't sure what this had to do with tonight's mission.

"I know they are the ones who started countless wars with themselves, and even the current war. I know they are greedier than the pettiest thief, and think themselves superior to all other life forms. Also, Danger in one of their language means something that could harm them. Can you believe they have more then one?."

She squinted her forehead causing wrinkles she was far too young for to appear on her face. "Why?' she asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

"Because we're going out to find survivors tonight." said the Commander, though she knew more was coming. "However, " he continued, "We're looking for human survivors."

Alexis' stomach twisted with shock. "But... but, Commander... I mean, surely you're... but..." she couldn't seem to form complete sentences until she calmed down. But they're HUMAN! she wanted to scream.

"I know what you must be thinking." he said to her. His tone, she thought, was almost condescending. "But even humans have a rightful place on this planet, and they will be extinct soon. They've been endangered for the last 4 years now."

"Any other species I'd agree with." she said back, still a small amount of disbelief to her voice. She still half expected the Commander to laugh at her and tell her not to be so gullible before sending her out the door. "But humans nearly destroyed the earth!"

"And that's why we stepped in." he replied, that condescending tone still hiding itself amongst his voice.

"And when we did, the thanks we got was bullet holes and bombs! Need I remind you that the humans killed all of the innocent peace keepers that first contacted them? They were unarmed! They posed the humans no threat, but still they were killed!"

The Commander eyed her for a moment, before finally speaking again. His tone was now completely humble as his eyes conveyed a sense of great sadness. "And then after they admitted defeat, we still killed ninety-nine percent of the population."

The End

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