World in Ruins

Throughout history, humans have had war. That's a fact. They've battled with themselves, killing thousands over single battles. However, they have always been fighting other humans, others of near equal strength. But when the world is burned to the ground and only a few hundred humans remain, it's ironic they all stand together in a single army, against a foe that out guns them, out thinks them, and out maneuvers them at every turn. Is humanity finished? Or is there still a glimmer of hope?

The tell tale gray streak of a missile scared the grey sky above him. He was, literally, running for his life. Every loud echoing thud his feet made on contact with the cement put him one step father from the impact zone.

His spent rifle was strapped to his back, all ammunition he had was used in a feeble attempt to hold the station. He and his fellow rebels had been forced away like a squirrel fleeing a rabid dog.

He didn't know how many made it out alive, all he knew was that if there were other survivors they had taken a different route than he had.

The missile flew directly over the station, and for one, fleeting heartbeat he thought it would go over. A fluke, a malfunction of some kind. But then it detonated in the air, and he realized the situation was far graver than he expected. He felt the blast wave of the nuclear missile first, then he felt nothing at all.


"That was nearly 5 years ago." Captain Eric Miles concluded. The feeling in the air was somber as he concluded the story of his father's final battle.

He was standing in the middle of 50 or so fellow rebels, underground in one of only three remaining camps. He was trying to go over the strategic mistakes made in the battle but his mind wasn't in it.

He knew, and felt certain everyone else agreed, that they did everything they could have possibly done to protect the station. A terminal that was camouflaged that led into an underground tunnel to a base camp.

Once the station had fallen it took the enemy only an hour to completely destroy it. It was the first camp to ever fall to the creatures, and the first time that they had used a nuclear weapon.

Since then, 6 other bases had fallen all over the earth. Or at least what was left of it. Everything had burned. Cities, such as New York, Paris, Houston, Berlin...

Why am I naming off cities? Eric wondered momentarily. It was continents. They took Africa overnight. Then all of Asia fell. And that was before anyone even really knew what was happening!

"You're dismissed." Eric said flatly, he had come to the end of his lecture on how they should have been prepared for an air threat.

The men, woman, and even 3 children stood up. They had become so desperate that they had started letting children, as young as 12, start training with a real weapon. Firing real bullets. Going out into real battlefields.

At the thought of battle, Eric's mind went automatically to the creatures. He thought of the diminutive creatures with such vehement hatred he could nearly feel it crawling over his skin. They looked cute at first glance, sure. Fully grown males were only about 4 feet tall, at the tallest.

Their heads were abnormally large compared to the rest of their body, though they were probably the same or only just barely larger than a humans. Eric always found it odd that even a very slight difference seemed so dramatic.

And with broad foreheads and large eyes, they looked like slightly warped children. Cute, if you didn't know better.

However, unknown to him, unknown to all of man kind, not all of these vastly intelligent creatures approved of the war. And soon, the balance of power was going shift.

The End

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