World At WarMature

The theme of this story is about war.

The world is at war, My name is Zachy Docce Docce my brother Sammy shot in the head by Nazi zombies. I stand here in the middle of the war looking at all the soldiers that are dead. I am the god of war, my brother Sammy was a General 1'st class. We needed Sammy to keep us alive, he was also a medic. So without him we wont survive long at all.

things are getting rough we have over 1000 bodies in the trench. I am searching for the crystal balls of life to bring sammy back."we are screwed theres no way to defeat these zombies and we defenitly wont defeat zombie hitler" jay docce docce yelled.  I am running threw the war and there are bodies and zombies every where, the sound of the zombies makes it hard to hear anyone talking."run back Zach!" jay yelled, as i start to run back i grenade blows and i hit the ground crawling back while zombies are slowly coming to get me i lost my gun after the explosion because of the impact threw me to the ground. Jay runs to me and carrys me back, Jay sits there with a smoke in his mouth and a beer in his hand.

I grab a beer and sitting there with a hole in my leg, Jay bandeges my leg and gives me a smoke and i just look at him and laugh. "we have to find a way to bring sammy docce docce back before its to late!" I yell.Things arn't working out for us everything has been destroyed there is no food or water and there are only a few beers and a deck of horizon purples left "jay give me a smoke" i say jay hands me the smoke, i light it up and have a draw, "wow this smoke is dope man" jay laughs and sips his beer "we need to find a way to bring sammy back zombie hitler is hunting us down"

The End

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