Workingman's Conflict

“Ah. I found it. Look Janet.” Lou says, turning his office chair over to his colleague. “Now I get an early lunch.” He says proudly. Janet gives Lou an envious smirk. Lou worked at the Knoxville Post Office, along with many other people that decided life couldn’t be more complicated enough. Everyday was a new riddle of which mail package goes to where and who’s fault it was if it went to the wrong address. Lou gets ready, having a sigh of relief and putting on his jacket. “Whew, thankfully I won’t have to deal with that bundle.” He says, staring at the pile of envelopes and mysterious boxes of traveled goods. “My very few hours off, yes!” Lou leaves the building as if it he never left in centuries. “See you at…” He stares at his watch, “three.” As Janet sits in her chair, going through the mail Lou left, she notices the boss pointed to her direction. She was enlightened at first, thinking this would be the time when she’d get recognition for anything actually but this shortly came to confusion. The man that was with the boss was walking towards her. “Hi.” Janet said in a stammer. The man mockingly walks past her, sitting in Lou’s chair. “You can’t sit there.” She said, now annoyed at this man for ignoring her. The man, who looks to be a new employee at the Knoxville Post Office, makes himself at home. Going through the desk, mail and computer. “I said you can’t sit there!” Janet said, now getting infuriated. “Why not? Nobody is here, and I was told by someone higher than you to sit here!” The man snaps back. “Now bugger off!” Janet looks at him, thinking of what to say next. “Look, the man that is sitting there got the next three hours off. The boss should know that.” The man turns to her, giving her the look like he could care less. “Look, lady” staring at her head to toe, “Janet, I don’t care where this man is or who he is; I just want to get the job done, alright?” “Fine.” She says. “Whatever you’re doing, expect not to complete it, in the matter of hours he will be back!” Janet turns around to her computer. As minutes pass, soon hours Lou finally gets back. Feeling a bit confused of who and why this anonymous man is sitting in his seat. “Hello, who are you?” Lou says politely. “I’m busy” The man says, too busy to acknowledge Lou. “You’re busy in my space?” Lou chuckled. “Look, the boss said that I finish my work here, I was moved to a different area because the part of my office had a flood.” The man explained. “If you have a problem, talk to the boss. In the meantime, go away.” “You’re drinking out of my coffee mug.” Lou said in disgust. “And all my documents are on that computer, I have to get my things done now. I don’t want to be here all night.” “Join the party, besides you had an extended break. I’m sure you’ve energized yourself to dedicate a night.” The man said. “Fine.” Lou said, trying to avoid conflict. He unplugs the wire attached from the computer tower to the monitor. Picking up the monitor and walking outside of the building.
The End

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