Act II - Draft 1

NOTE: "The owl" is my ex, my friends used to call her that because of her eyes. Just to clarify.

The souls were opening deeper and deeper with every time the boy and the girl met. It was like they created their own perfect fairytale. Until one day struck.

The girl's soul gently pushed forward, going further into boy's soul than he ever wanted anyone to go. Her soul touched the only black part of him that he had - his heart. And that... just opened Pandora's box. The boys' eyes went blank and his face emotionless. It was just like he became a shell. The abyss started to move - bringing the girl even further away from the boy.

The girl opened her eyes wide in horror when a massive owl came out of nowhere. It started to rain heavily, lighting going across the skies, everything went dark. Then she yelled at top of her lungs, a shout that made angels cover their ears.

The owl started to attack the boy, going deep into his skin. But the boy… he was not defending himself at all. It was like he accepted his fate. With every stab, the girl felt more and more helpless. It was his battle, she could do nothing about it. With every wound, light coming from her heart was flickering more and more until the boy collapsed on the ground.
Like a lifeless doll.

The abyss stopped expanding, but the rain started to be even more ferocious, when the owl disappeared like the smoke. The girl's soul came slowly to the boy's body, lying there without any signs of life. Being as gentle as possible, the soul hugged him tightly, as if it was trying to defend the boy from all the evil of this world.

Suddenly, the light from the boy's heart flickered slightly upon feeling the girl's soul heart beating next to him. With last effort he managed to open his eyes and smile.
"I'll be fine…" and then the abyss was swallowed by the darkness. Once again.

The End

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