"You need back-up"Mature

The cream soothed my reddening neck; I applied it to my legs allowing my muscles to relax and my scrapped hands. The cream was unlike any other, small incidents such as these it helped heal the area and reduce the recovery time. This was handy given my job. After changing into jeans and thin jumper I walked into the main room where Mina was busy typing away.

“Your boy has being pining after you,” Mina said holding up an empty mug which I took and went over to the coffee machine.

“He hates me being away for too long, where is he?” I asked placing the cup in the slot and pressing the magical button.


I turned smiling seeing his golden hair and bright blue eye light up, “Ben!”

Ben came running over, knocking me down with his paws on my chest, tail going into overload and floppy ears tickling as he licked my face. I pushed myself up hugging, stroking Ben, “how’s my favourite boy, missed me?” Ben barked moving back to sit in front of me; I stood reaching for mine and Mina coffee.

“Here, detective Cross wondering if we had any leads on where that jackarse Steel could have gone.”

“Thank, yeah I heard and already sent him some links.” Mina sipped on her coffee and I saw her eyes assess my body looking for injuries. “You can’t carry on like this H.”

I kept my gaze down and carried on stroking Ben’s tummy, “I could have done better I know.”

“You need help, pure and simple,” Mina sighed. “If I wasn’t trapped in this chair.”

“Mina if you wasn’t here then I would be lost, don’t you ever think you’re not good enough because you are.”

Mina smiled, I knew she wanted to be out in the action and sometimes she did accompany me on missions. “You can’t do it alone H, you need backup.”

“Grr Mina I’m fine I don’t need help,” I groaned and sipped on my coffee.

“You do H, take tonight, someone could of-

“I don’t want anyone, trouble it takes to find someone and then training, I could be doing something to help the city,” I stood brushing golden fur off my clothes.

“But you will be helping this city, please H, I’ll get Theo to train them, you can assess and help when you can.” Mina was good I give her that and I knew she was right deep down. But could I take that chance?

I sighed closing my eyes, Ben nudge my leg letting me know that he agreed and opened my eyes finishing my coffee.

“Theo thinks it’s a good idea too and will train them,” Mina added smiling sweetly at my open mouth.

“You’ve already discussed it?”

“Of course.”

“Ah…grr…ooo I’m going to bed, come on Ben home.” I picked up my jacket annoyed that my co-workers have been talking about me again.

“Why don’t you sleep on it?”

I back waved to Mina, “goodnight Mina.”

My apartment was only a few blocks away and I tried not to slam my fist into the elevator as it made its way to the top floor. It was good to be home; Ben came inside sniffing around the room and found his crew toy settling into his bed. I went into the lounge pulling back the curtain and watched as the city slept peacefully.





The End

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