Just another nightMature

To solo or Collab??? (working summary)
H needs back-up although she doesn't want to admit it, in fact she's rather against the idea.
Known as Harriet to her rich family she's very much unlike her posh snobby sister.

With my feet dangling from the ground and trying to catch my breath was not how I expected my night to go. I was enjoying my dance with Dean at a nearby club, when Mina alerted me about a major drug deal about to take place, so naturally I had to excuse myself and stop a notorious jackarse Mr. Steel.

“This never gets old Midnight,” Steel said casually as if we were sat having dinner together. I gripped his arm with both gloved hands and felt my ring underneath. “Did you really think you could stop me?”

“I don’t think,” I gripped my ring gloved hand, “I know.” I pulled the glove, the ring caught on the material and a smoke gushed out.

I was released swiftly kicking the Steel who was blinded by the smoke. I however could see perfectly with my skilful contacts. Someone was knocked into me and I turned quickly locking their arms behind them tying them to a metal poll. They were too stunned and confused to understand what had happened.

“Moon, where did Steel go?” I ask through the hidden radio.

“Rooftop and helicopter arriving 5 minutes, step on it Midnight.” I didn’t need to be told twice and ran towards the metal stairs but was pulled back.

“Got you girly,” a gulf voice snarled warping his arms around my waist. I slammed my head back hearing the crack of his noise, twisted out of his grasp and kicked him knocking him to the ground.

“2 minutes,” Moon’s voice was in my ear and I darted up the metal stairs. Steel hadn’t even thought to lock the door in his rush to escape; I opened the door carefully as I didn’t know what awaited me and held my gun out ready.

Steel glanced towards the opening and shot once, I returned the shot hitting the metal briefcase.

“You missed Midnight,” Steel laughed and saw the dent mark.

Sirens where bellowing in the street below, Steel looked to the night sky and step towards me holding his gun, “it’s been nice Midnight, I know you will miss me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” my fist struck out hitting his face and Steel swung the briefcase hitting my body. I spun aiming to kick only he grabbed my foot before it made contact to his chest. I bent my body backwards and manage to swing my other foot to his chin, surprised he let go of my foot.

The sound of the helicopter was coming closer, Steel elbowed my face and ran to the ladder that was coming down from the helicopter. I picked up my gun and shot the man whose gun was aimed at me, I went after Steel as he climbed up the ladder. I intended to pull him back down but I was tackled to ground with a knife to my throat. This really wasn’t my night, I thought as Steel turned waving his hand smiling at his escape. I glared in response as the helicopter flew away blending into the night. The cops finally arrived on the rooftop and managed to get the gorilla of a man off me.

“Need help Midnight?” I looked up and saw detective Peter Cross holding his hand out, I sighed and allowed him to help me.

“Thanks, are there any leads on where he could be going?” I ask and feel blood coming from my lip.

Peter notices and hands me a tissue, “loose information, we was hoping you might have something?”

“Excuse me Miss? Have you got time for a quick word? Midnight?” I notice then the familiar face of the press and whisper to Peter.

“I’ll have Moon contact you, until next time detective Cross,” I wink through my eye mask and sprint across the roof lunching myself to the next building disappearing like a shadow. 

The End

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