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The inky black sky gave way to lightning that rolled across the thick dark clouds. Thunder rumbled deeply in tenor; a sonorous explosion of sound louder than any thunder that had ever been heard before. Every few seconds the lightning would flash, illuminating everything in the atmosphere in a blinding light, and then succumbing to a bleeding darkness until the obscurity parted again reluctantly in the face of such magnificence.
The light detonated across the sky, flashing and sparking as if all the electricity in the world had been injected into the heavens. Somewhere below was the enormous city of New York. The usually lively, glowing metropolis was murky and lightless. Even the normally grandiose edifices and ostentatious skyscrapers were unlit. The city had been plunged into darkness previously unimaginable, no more immune than the world to which it belonged.

As the lightning flew across the shadowy firmament, a figure emerged out of the darkness, luminosity flickering around its form like a flaming golden aura. With each step, it grew brighter, illuminating the atmosphere with blinding brilliance. Soon enough, the light had exploded across the whole city, brighter than lightning’s hand. The corona of light snaked around his body as if it were alive.
The boy looked up at the sky, his blond hair tumbling around his beautiful face. He opened his eyes, blue as the ocean were they.
And he screamed.

Joseph woke with a start, his heart pounding in his chest. He sat up quickly in his bed and whipped his head around, scanning the sparse room for any sign of danger. Ths strange reverie he had just had was not the first he'd received. He'd been seeing himself, wreathed in light, for a long time. It was as if his dreams were attempting to tell his something, like they were hinting at some unfathomable notion that had stumped him no matter which direction he looked at it from. He had to figure out what they meant. He had to.
He would.

The End

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