The Beginning

The God's and Goddesses of Manndovin go through an unexpected betrayal. Can Zyra stop the inevitable?

The daylight erupts into my chamber from the open arc, stirring me in the finest way. I gaze outside, and see the sun smiling down upon Manddovin, making my marble floor sparkle intensely. I turn over to find Kyron, the God of Shadows, not alongside me, the bed sheets crumpled and still warm. Pulling the flowing silk sheets away from my body, I tread through my archway, onto the balcony, bare skinned with the forgiving breeze cooling the intense heat.

I stroke the vines climbing up the balcony, and pick the pink flower at the end; its aroma is spicy, almost like cinnamon.

"Good morning sweet sister!" chimes a voice of pure delight. I beam and swirl around to see Orian standing in my chamber, the ray of sunlight making his bronze skin light up. His grin fills the room with an unearthly glow, and his cerulean eyes are filled with joy.

"Morning Orian," I reply, moving out from the balcony and picking up my clothing from the floor.

"Eager about the morrow Zyra?"

I wave my hand in reply, making my bed swiftly.

"Ha," Orian chuckles. "Your self-assurance will shortly sway. Nonetheless, it is a remarkable day for you!"

"It is just a regular day Orian; I have no desire for celebration.” I wrap my sarong around my waist and tie it into a bow, securing my silk strapless top together at the side.

"Oh, Zyra, before I forget," He sighs. "Have you seen Kyron?”

"Not at all. I must depart fair brother." I kiss Orian tenderly on the cheek and exit my chamber.

Kyron...where are you?


The End

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