Eilia introduced

She wondered through the trees, long ginger hair flowing behind her, gently accentuating her bright green eyes. Draped in simple jade robes; a wicker basket over her left forearm. Eilia was a slim girl, a simple apothecary and healer; simple yet powerful as her mentor has said. Realising her herb stock was a little low this morning, she decided a jaunt in the wood collecting would be a good idea. 

She knew not to go too far. The curse had claimed a fellow apothecary only two weeks ago. It was a horrible way to go. She sighed in rememberance of her friend. He had been dear to her, though a little boisterous. 

She come across a lovely patch of thyme, rosemary and lavender. She cut generous amounts of them all. As she looked forwards, trying to find some heather and bay, she notice Myrianna lay on the ground just before the moat. Shaving some bark from a nearby tree she took out her mortar and pestle and headed towards her, slowly. 

"Excuse me, are you okay?" She called gently. 

Myrianna sat up and looked round; surprised anyone was about. 

"Uh, yeah just won't be tackling that for another twenty-five hours or so." She pointed towards the castle. 

"You've been getting rid of the curse?" Eilia said. "That's awfully dangerous." She walked closer to Myrianna. She looked exhausted and weakened. Luckily, Eilia knew something that could help speed up the healing.

She ground the bark she had just collected with a little lavender and added some water; consecrated overnight in the full moon and muttered a few words that Myrianna understood as the old language. She knelt down. 

"Here, this should shave a few hours off the time." She handed Myrianna the mortar with the murky brown liquid in. 

Myrianna looked surprised, the words that she had heard this girl use were powerful; she seemed too young to know them. She took the mortar and nodded, unsure of what to say. 

"Who taught you that?" She asked, only knowing of two people that knew the old language in this area. One was Finnion, and she knew it wasn't him; he hadn't had an apprentice for years. So it was sure to be...

"Silas Arosben, my mentor. He told me that though I was young, I was powerful and needed to learn to control all of the power I could access. He said only to use that if it seemed necessary as it would drain me for around half a day; you seemed like you needed it." She stated quite taken back that someone had recognised the magic she had used. "I'm Eilia." She extended her hand to shake; and to help Myrianna to her feet. 

"Myrianna. Glad to meet you." Myrianna took the extended hand and pulled herself up. Eilia bottled the remained of the mixture. 

"Take these with you." She stated as Myrianna straightened her robes.

"I couldn't, someone else may need them." Myrianna shook her head. 

Eilia smiled slightly.

"I insist, be careful."

The End

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