Myrianna groaned as she awoke; a dull ache remaining from the curse's attack. Sitting up, she smiled briefly. At least the orb had done what it was supposed to; the moat was curse-free finally. She groaned once more as she pushed herself to get up and brush herself down. 

She looked ahead of the moat, sighing heavily. Beyond it, she saw that the land afterwards and the castle were still heavily under the curse. She had more work to do. Removing the mask briefly she took a small bottle from her robes and drank from it. The attack had definitely left her thirsty. Replacing the bottle, and her mask, she started to make her way forwards. If she was going to do this, she was going to do all and do it right. There was no question in that. Though she wondered just how much strength it would take. 

There was a shine from where the orb lay in the quagmire. Luckily, it was not very deep in the murky waters; it had settled on several rocks beneath the waters surface. Rolling her sleeve up, Myrianna retrieved the orb. She was certainly going to need it if she was going to rid this place of the crippling curse that had been bestowed upon it. She lifted it to eye level to examine it properly. How long would it last? She knew it would banish the curse, but she wondered whether it would be able to cope with the complexity and sheer volume of it in it's entirety. She sighed brushing her thumb over a small black crack that had appearing. The orb would take some cleansing once she was done. 

Holding the orb tightly, she walked over the bridge toward the castle. As she approached the edge of the cursed area once more she sighed. 

"Well, it's not going to cure itself."

The End

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