The Shard

So the Shard falls from the sky, and sits in the desert for a few weeks without anybody noticing it. Eventually, a group of Nomad Troggs found it and started worshipping it.

The Treasure Guild found out and sent us to get rid of the Troggs and dig it up. Then they could take it back to the city and lord it over the other Guilds.

The Troggs ran as soon as we got close, we were just slightly bigger than them.

Then we set to work digging it up. We had been hacking away for eight days straight, and the Shard showed no signs of ending, but, we were there to do a job, a job that we were going to finish.

  "When does this thing give?" I heard a voice yell. It was Rogmil, a thick bodied and thick headed Dwarf.

  "Tell me about it!" Another yelled, i couldn't tell who that was- we all sounded the same.

I ignored them, and kept hacking.


My head split with pain. My eyes burning and even the slight wind hitting my ears was like daggers being dug directly through my skull. I fell to my knees, screaming.


The End

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