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Jake Thomas is just your typical 17yr old teenager growing up in yet another bland mainstream suburbia called Dansby. He is a scruffy, tall, athletically, white boy who was born in a small western grassroots town called Emersonville with traditional American Morales and Values. His Dad, a former Drill Sergeant, no bigger than him at the same age became the first man in the family to join the military. He joined at the ripe age of 16 just in time to go to Vietnam. He was instilled with the hard-ass mentality and the can-do attitude. His Mother was a former Box Factory Worker. She is a Small, petite, red headed woman that had the softest voice you ever heard.

  With parents like this you could say that Jake is a gifted and talented kid. He took more after his mom and her mechanical, motor, and analytical skills, but still retains his dad’s posture and demeanor and good looks. You could say Jake is a little of a Dork. He likes all the normal teenage guy stuff, girls, cars, partying, and sports. Jake is on the basketball and the swim team. But that’s where the similarities end. Jake likes to help his dad on the farm and his mom around the house. Also he plays card games, word games, and crosswords with his mom. Jake was raised to be respectful and be part of the family.

  Jake went to Joseph Mondovi High School which was about 5 or 6 miles from his house. Usually he got a ride with his dad on his way into town for his daily morning coffee at the local “spot” where all the “Oldies” Jake called them hung out. “Oldies” is Jake’s word for old folks. Jake’s dad drove the nicest Chevy truck in the whole county and they had one of the Biggest Ranches in the city second to the Drewberry’s. Jake’s Dad Just so happens to be senior mechanic for Extreme Overload Racing. They are a top 5 team in the National Racing League of America. Jake loves going to the track Friday and Saturday nights to get pit access , watch the races, and help his dad working on the cars by doing some of the small stuff like making sure the gauges lit up and worked properly, checking oil and radiator fluid, washing windows, and changing tires.

  Jake is not an exceptional student but he’s not an average one either. He gets a mixture of A’s, B’s, and C’s. He likes English, Science, and P.E... Jake also isn’t the most popular kid in school even though he knows and associates with a lot of the so called “popular crowd”. Jake dresses like trends of the time. He wears his bleached blue jeans hanging of his hips about to fall off, Marc Ecko shoes, Sean John black and silver t-shirt, and his silver chain. That was Jake’s junior year.

  During the summer Jake got a job at the local car wash detailing cars after they were washed. Jake was excited about this job. He loved cars and any time he could be around one or touch one he was in paradise. Jake loves all makes and models, foreign, and domestic. He was also happy because he was making 9.50 starting pay. He was already imagining a car of his own. For the four months he worked there he managed to save up a nice couple thousand dollars towards a car.

  Then the day came when his dad came to him and said, “Jake it’s time we got you a set of wheels of your own. “ Jake was ecstatic and leaped about a foot off the bed and was out of his room faster than his dad could finish his train of thought. Within the hour Jake and his dad were at the local dealership, Two Tommy’s Used Cars looking at perspective buys. Jake and his dad talk it over and settle on a 1970 Chevelle SS 454. It still had the factory blue paint job that over the years of sun and weather abuse has faded into a gradient of blue. The interior was a grey-pewter color with obvious stains and showing signs of age. This was to become Jake’s first project.

  Jake’s dad arrived home before Jake and opened the two massive red doors on the front of the barn and prepared to clean and rearrange the barn to fit Jake’s Car. Just as his dad finished Jake pulled onto the gravel pot hole infested side road towards the barn. Jake Slowly made his way down the road the whole way hearing the clunking and squeaking of the suspension as impacted the pot holes. Finally Jake made it to the barn opening and his dad placed to small ramps one on each side of the front wheels and told Jake to slowly drive the car up the ramps and into the barn. Jake made it into the barn and parked the car. His dad and He each grabbed one of the massive doors and brought them together and locked them for the night. Jake hardly slept a wink that night waiting and anticipating working on his new car.

  That morning Jake was up at about 7:30-8:00 ready and bushy tailed to get things started. Jake’s mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. She was making flapjacks, sausage, eggs, and toast with a glass of milk. Jake inhaled his food like he hasn’t eaten in weeks. Jake washed his plate and utensils and proceeded outside towards the barn. To his surprise his dad was already in the barn with the hood propped up and his whole upper body from his head to his torso underneath the hood and in the engine bay. 





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