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There on a great horse a silhouette appeared valiant and grand. A heroic figure set against the dim sun, its glow reduced by a thick mist that dragged along the smell of death and rot. The lord of Toulouse raised his sword high in the air and with a great cry urged his men forward.

‘Now, you who beg, to me and release your cry of war!”

And from the muddy fields arose now a great roar and men waved banner and sword high up in the air and rallied to the lord of Toulouse. Urged on by the firing of cannons they ran through mist and high grass, towards a thousand halberds and spears. And high in the air now they saw balls of fire and a stormy cloud appeared and began to surround the opposing army. And with a flash the army of the lord of Toulouse vanished and him with it.

And all was silent.

The End

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