Marco, Marco, what has happened do my dear brother Marco?Mature

    "Marco!" Mother screamed on top of her lungs. I dropped the basket of berries, I had been picking. I ran towards our little cottage, to see a terrible sight. My brother was in my mothers clutches and my sisters gathered around, thier faces pale. I looked down at Marco. Blood was dripping every where. It looked like a sharp jagged knife had cut him from his shoulder to his hip. I started geting a faint feeling as my mother was shouting orders. Everything seemed to go blurry as my brother gave me a pleading look. With that everything went black.

    Suddenly  I felt  a pair of strong arms holding me back from falling and bringing to a bed. But when I woke up I realized that it wasn't a bed. I was lying down on a carriage seat.

  I started to open my eyes to find my head on Rochesters lap. He smiled down at me.

 "You have waken up!" He carassed me. I smiled back up at him. I got up and sat propperly.

"You feel asleep at the resturuant! It was nearly twelve. Are you full?" I nodded.

"I fell asleep? What about Marco? And geting hurt? And me geting sick at blood?" H e looked at me, his eyes wide open.

"What are you talking about dear Alessandria?" I looked u pat the stars, it was a very cold night and my cape wasn't doing much goog. I shivered.

"Are you cold?"

"No," I lied "but we need to get to my home and fast."

"Why?" He looked puzzeled.

"Trust me!" With that he looked at me seriously then told the driver to go at a cantar. It seemed like hours until we got to my home. All the candels where lite inside the hous. This wasn't a good thing. Without thinkign I jumped otu of the caoch, and ran inside the house.  Pale faces looked up at me. Julietta nodded towards my mothesr cot.  

 It was true, Marco was hurt. It was not a dream it was a vision. MKy mother hugged me and told me to make a pot of hot water. And so I did, I stayed with Marco all nigt and the day after, and the day after, and the day after.........

The End

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