"Alessandria do not say that!"my mother exclaimed.

"Mother, I can assure you that Rochester does not have any feelings for me!" I snapped back, my mother and I were in an argument.

"Then why did he just send you a pair of glass slippers!" she yelled pointing at the glass slippers. "For goodness gracouis girl! Do you have no sense! Men just don't send seewt meats to girls every so often as an apology!"

"Yes they do!"

"No they do not! Well not for weeks at a time!" she glared at me.

"Well mabye Flora has stollen his heart and he dosn't want anyoen to know. And since we share a bedroom it could look like Julietta, me or Flora were the ones getting sweet meats!" We stood there in silence.

"Alright then Alessandria, you have showen me you do not want to marry. You just want to remain a silly girl! Who wastes all her time in the fields."

"Momma, I love Rochester as a friend nto as a husband. And I could marry him I would be perfectly happy if I married him. But......"

"Alright then then stop saying that his generous gifts are still apology gifts."Then mother turned around and continued to scrub a dirty pan.

"Momma!" I sighed.

"No, no more arguing. Go!" I stomped outside of the house. "Wait!"my mother shouted.

"What?" I peeked inside the house.

"This card came for you." I grabed it, grumbeled a thanks than started to walk towards the town. I dont know why but I wanted to visit the town.

  Sometimes I dearly wished that Rochester would invite me to do something just with him. I wished that I could fall in love with him. Yes, I would miss being able to do y own thing and being able to act like a child, but I'll have to grow up sometime. Any ways Rochester was a very rich man and Flora would be very ,very, jelous. I started to skip when the card feel from my hand I picked it hope with excitment. Then I read the card to myself out-loud.

Dear sweet Alessandria,

This is your (hopefully) dear friend Rochester. I'm writing this to you ecuase I would love to invite you to join me fro dinner in a pleasnt little restruant. I will come pick you up, you do nto have to dress ver fancialy. That yellow gown I gave you will work.

Please RSVP rather soon!

with passion,


Oh my! This indeed was a very large surprise, one of my wishes had just been granted! So I changed my direction and headed towards the D'Spain manor.




The End

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