My life is now a Sweet MeatMature

  June has almost come to a end and the girls room is over flowing  with flowers and boxes of choclate. My life has been one big sweet meat!  Rochester has been sending me all of these as an apology for his rudness the day we met. My mother, sisteres, and they all think he is in love with me. Truthfully I wasn't very sure abotu that. For he was ten years older then me! He was exactly tewnty six! Well I guess it is common for a young girl to marry an older man. Luckily he wasn't thirty or tewnty years older them me!

   The day of the picnic was superb! I felt very akward though. Many people would give my odd looks but I didn't mind. Rochester insisted that I shouyldn't be polite by calling him Mr. D'Spain. So I called him Rochester. Rochester didn't pay much attention to me around his friends. A matter of fact a friend asked me who I was and he said JUST a young girl. I still think he is rather mean. Just the air about him.

   In the last few weeks I have been asking myself one certain question, did I love Rochester? I drealy wish I didn't have to get married. My mom thinks he is going to ask me to marry him. I doubt it though we have only actually seen each other three times. He had physically come to visit us once, taken me to the picnic, and when I had first even meet him, but yet love can occur very quickly at times. Sometimes I wish my mother wasn't so eager to marry all her children off. The only one she wasn't pushing was Flora. I hated Flora. Actually I change my mind I will do everything I can to make Rochester marry me! Just to rub it in her face. Mabye mother will tell her 'Be more like you younger sister, she's already married. And to a rich catch indeed!' Oh yes! Then Flora will be very jealous of me!I will make sure he'll love. But I do dearly hope I will fall into true love with him.

The End

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