Bouquets, and Sweet Meats in JuneMature

Kiss my softly by the hand

Briskly touch me my dear man

This song is for love for love is sweet!

I wish you to give me a box of sweet meats!

I may sing a lovely song for i haven't done wrong,

I sing of flowers, I sing of loves mighty powers!

I stay stay for you my every hour,

Just don't turn sour!

For I love thee and dot on thee!


Come here my only dear

rest your head upon my ear,

I brush thee sweetly with thy lips

Only to recive I kiss with this.

Now that evenings coming I can tell you darling

Love is on it's way!

Look at the dear children play!


You brought me love and a beautiful flower!
So now upon this lovely hour I will become quite sour!

Please do not leave for you promised me your beautiful flower.

I kiss thee, I kiss thee, but only so an hour.

You bring me love you bring flowers but once again, only for an hour.

Now kiss me well for i must go, I loved you since a minute ago!

Kiss my softly by the hand

Briskly touch me my dear man

This song is for love for love is sweet!

I wish you to give me a box of sweet meats!

I may sing a lovely song for i haven't done wrong,

I sing of flowers, I sing of loves mighty powers!

I stay stay for you my every hour.


I sang this sung as I quitly plucked weeds out of the garden. My great grandmother had written this song. Truthfuly I thought of it quit dreadful but i sang any way. Julietta had joined in with me her voice was quite more beautifuler than mine.

"Oh Alessandria let us sing another song!"

"Julietta you may but i would prefer to pick the weeds in silence! For we are almost done." I said as i picked I handful of weeds from around a bushel of plant. For the rest of the time we weeded in silence. Until Flora (Florastrina) came bustiling from around the corner.

"Alessandria! Alessandria! Rochester has yet come again! He wants to take you out on a picnic! There's a whole party behind him! Their all desperat eto meet you!" I was shoked for I have never been invited to a picnic, I mean a picnic like this! Oh my!

"What did mothe say?" I asked happily.

"Oh she is very excited. Rochester even left something for you!"

"He did? But I barley know him! I mean the last time I saw him was a few weeks ago at the city market!"

"Of coarse and he bought almost our whole supply of soup! But your still not angry at him for that day you meet him you on the field are you?' I secretly injoyed myself, but I had told everyone that I was qutie angry and shoked as Rochesters behavoir. I looked over at Julietta. She was sitting there tears runnign down her face. I was going to ask what was wrogn but Flora took m eby the hand and rushed my inside.

I looked on the table to find mother holding up a gown, my youngest sister May was gently touching it in aw.

"Alessandria come here! you need to try this on!" My mother smiled, she and Flora gave eachother a sheepish glance.

The gown looked very fasionable ,


I was very appuald by it truthfuly. Since I could never buy anything as fine. It was yellow silk and looked perfect for a picnic dress.  Once I tried it on my whole famliy looked in shock. It fit me perfectly and felt ver thin, Iit felt like i wasn't wearing anything.

"Rochester! Thank you so very much for this gown!" i siad yet again. Rochester and I were riding in the same carriage.

"You welcome Alessandria! It really wasn't that expinsive! You act as if it's the most treasured value in the world!" He luaghed. I blushed and turned my head away from him.



"Where exactly are we going?"

"Don't tell me you can't regonize where we are!" Then I realized. We where going to my favorite field! Why didn't I regonize it. Then I looked around. Moss had covered alot of the trail since my last visit in Apirl, and there were beautiful flowers blooming in the sunlight.    

"Oh! Ho how lovely!" I exclaimed. I felt very happy and joyful.

"You love this place don't you?" He smiled at me. The sun was shining on his face.

"Yes I do." After I spoke we sat in silence I could hear birds chearping above us.


"Yes?" He smiled again.

"Do you think all of the proper woman wil know of my class?" he starte to luagh.

"Of corse not!" I gave him a serious look." Well if you wouldn't have combed through your hair and put it back like that they probably would know!" he started luaghing again. 

"Driver pull onto this trail to the middle of the field where the others are please!" So the driver did. We all jolted back as the driver drove us onto the path. It was very rocky and bumpy.

"There are others?" I asked amazed, for there were many carriages behind us as I spoke.

"Just a few more." Rochester assured as our carriage jolted to a stop. I looked around silky blankets layed underneath large umbrellas. There was a very large underneath a tree. In the middle of each blanket was a beautiful basket and set of china. There were many people sitting, luaghing, talking, and dancing. Oh! Yes! There was even a small harp and flute being played. Rochester came around an dhelped me otu of the wagon.

"Here we've actually already begun the picnic. Go seat yourself underneath the tree and I'll fetch a servant to serve you."

"Oh Rochester! I don't need any-" he cought me off.

"Alessandria, go rest! Someone needs to take care of you now and then!" It was true,"I have some people I woul dlike you to meet." With that he left, so i went and rested. I was going to take of my slippers but decided not to, since none of the other woman did.

I felt very akward. Many woman and man would look at me than whisper to one another, one of them even luaghed at me. I felt very uncomfortable.  I also noticed that my hair was very casualy done. I had made a quick assortments of braids. All the woman here had large curls and updoos.

"Madam?" I looked up from the blanket. I little man was in front of me. "Would you like anything?" He was pointign towards the basket.

There was grapes, pot roast , apples, bread/butter, milk, white wine, plum pudding, and lamb.

"Oh yes I would mutch appreciate a glass of the white wine, grapes, and some lamb. That is if you don't mind." He seemed irratated and briskly served me. The white win tasted must excellent with the lamb. I never was able to haev very much winei in my life. So this was a very large delight to me. When I was done with my food Rochester came to me. There were two couples not far behind him. The first couple were abotu middle aged and the second were very old. The middle aged woman had dark red hair and a square jaw. Her husband had garyign hair an dbright brown eyes. The old couple's hair were both white. The woman had gray eyes, the man had dark hazel eyes. The man also had a very large nose.

"Ah! You must be dear Alessadria! Rochester has said so much about you!" The woman huged me. She was drenched in perfume and had a loud ubnoctous voice. Her dress on the other hand was a dark purple silk.

"Mother, please don't frighten her!" Rochester luaghed. So this woman was dear Rochesters mother. Poor Rochester.

"Alessadria," he grabbed my hand, "this is my father Mr. D'Spain and my mother Mrs.D'Spain. This man here (the old one) is the Lord of Books castle and his wife Mrs.Books." They both shook my hand.

We chated for quite some time. Mrs.D'Spain was very nosey about where i lived and who my father was. I didn't say to much, talkign abotu father always makes my get teary. When Rochester had left for a breif moment Mrs.D'Spain pulled me over.

"You know, my son as never held such a picnic! A matter fo fact he has never had a real party. I think that he wanted to spend time with you Alessandria." She looked at my warmley. Then suddenly held on tightly to my arm her eyes looked cold.

"You better not get involved with my son!" Then with that left. What did that mean?

I was truley enjoing my self. I really was fo rthe first time in my laif I had really enjoyed myself...........


The End

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