I sniffed the air. It had just rained earlier this morning. But know the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds. I could feel rays of sun beatign on my face. Today it was very humid and hot, but i enjoyed it. For the air semlt like and Orchid beging to bloom.

I was walking on an old path. The path went strait through a field. This field was one of my favorite place to go. The grasses where green and soft. There were even smal flowers growing within the grasses. There where even a few orchids now and then. I started to skip, my hand brushing against the tall grasses. I started to hum a song.

I was usually happy in this feild, when i wasn't I would come here becuase my my depression of having to work and be a women now. I'm lucky I was able to be here at the momment. But of corse i had to sneak out of our cluttered house. This thought made me happier. I let down my hair fom it's bun leting it flow in the wind.

It was very crisp out side. But i loved it. My cheekes were red, there was a big grin on my face, and every step i took was merry. Tired of skipping i decided to lay down near the trail. Once I layed down upon a flower bed i closed my eyes. There were birds whistiling about and the smell of rain inthe air. I lay there peacefuly until i heard a stomping noise. I sat up and looked around me, when suddenly all i saw were to hooves behind me. I screamed taken aback. The horse screamed to and kicked out it's front legs. Luckily i had ran a few feet away.

"Woa now!" I heard  a deep, but pleasent voice yell. I looked upon the rider of the horse (the horse was a beautiful chesnut color). It was a man. He was wearing all black, besides some white ruffels in his collar. He had a top hat on and dark wavey hair. He was quite hansome.

"What were you doing? You frightened my horse half to death!" Then i realized he had, had a parcel but it fell when the horse jumped. Becuase he jumped off his horse and picked it up of the earthy surface. The man looked quit irratated.

"I'm sorry sir, but you had know buisness wandring through this feild. All I was doing was taking a small breather." I started to walk past him, but he took my elbow. For a moment i saw a small smile grow on his face. But when i looked at him astonished it was whiped away.

"Oh really? Just a small breather?And why would such an elegant young maid like you be doing that out in this damp field. You do have mud on you back. Oh yes, adn it sounded as if this was you field." He shouted this.  Elegant? I was even close to that.

" For one thing sir," I half shouted pulling my arm away from him, "I am not elegant for I am indeed a young maiden who now has work to attend to you." I bowed my head at himas my farewell and headed down the path. But before I knew it the man was following me on his horse.

"Please stop young maiden!" he shouted, I stopped. "You act as if I offended you!"

"Well sir, you did. For i was peacefuly laying down enjoying my time, when you had to come and disturbe my privacy. Thank you very much. Now I must go fo I have work to attend to." I started walking again.

"Wait!" He shouted, I turned around adn faked a smile. "Do you knew where a lad named Marco my be?" This puzzeled my. Marco had left very hurridly earlier this morning after a boy had given him a message. My mind told me not to trust this man. Mabye he was after my brother.

"No sir, I don't have the foggiest." I lied.

"Are you sure? You like a bit like him."

"I do? Well excelent, why are you looking for him?" 

"That is my own buisness." he looked offended. Then a random question poured otu of my mouth.

"Are you Lord-" I was abotu to ask himif he was Lord Spain for he looked very similar to him, and nto to mention looked very wealthy. Lord Spind was much older though. He was one of the richest people in this area. Lord Spain had to sons.

"No I am not, I am his youngest son." Oh, great I had just offended one of the richest men son!But yet evryone one didn't know very much about him. Besides that he was always traveling to distant places and was richer than his father, oh, and of corse his name. Rochester.

"Oh Iam so sorry if I have offended you in any way!" he smiled.

"You are easily forgiven. Now what is you name?" I didn't want to tell him. Rigt when i was abotu to say my name when Polo ran up behind me and hugged me.

" I found you!" He smiled, his two front teeth were missing. I brushed his hair back from his face. He looked at Rochester than at me his bright blue eyes twinkiling.

"Moma needs you! She's benen worried ecspecially since Mar-" I cut him off, rain begain to pour. Rochester looked over at me, he looked puzzeled.

"Polo this is Rochester. Polo just stared tahn yelled,

"Race you home!" Then dashed down the trail still holding my hand and waved a quick good by to Rochester. When we got home i decided nto to tell my mother about meeting Rochester. I told Polo not to say anything either.

When I got home mom orderd me to finish lunchs dishes than pick weeds once the rain stopped. I grunted and started working.

Why did Rochester want to see my brother?That was my only question I had on my mind until we heard a faint knock on the door. My mother opened it slowely then greeted whoever was at the door.

"Hello, my I offer you anything" Who are you?"

"I am Rochester Spain."Oh no, I thought to myself as my mother gasped.

The End

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