My family, WOW do i haev alot to expalin. To start with all of my grandparetns are dead, including my papa.

My mother had apreveous marrage befor she married my papa. She was married to an old widower by force. But they left each other. My mother had my oldest half brother and sister with him. But they live with my their widower father.

Half Family:

  • Mill: my half brother, he is tewnty two.
  • Rilla: my half sister who is tewnty three.

My Family:

Oldest to youngest.

  • Marco: almost twenty and travels everywere by himself.
  • Rosealina: My most beautiful sister. She is married and has two childrenand is almost ninteen.
  • Felastrina: She is my least favorite sister and is Rosealinas twin. She has black hair just like my father. It's a dull black though. She lives with us STILL. No one has proposed to her.
  • Henric: One of my favorite brothers, he is just a little bit older than i am.
  • Me: I am almost sixteen and have red hair, it's almost strawberry blond. I don't look at all like my parents.
  • Meliza: She died at child birth.
  • Julietta: I think she's beautiful but she's quit annoying. She has just turned fourteen.
  • Polo: My sweet little brother who is ten.
  • Melazo: My obnoctious brother who hides in the woods all day.  He is seven.
  • May: May is a darling and my favorite little sister, she (i think) is prettier than Rosealiana. She is barly six.
  • Randazo and Elizabetta: both died at birth they were twins. They died after my father died.


  • Elizabettia: Roseilians duaghter
  • Pieko: Roseilianas Son
The End

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