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I have decided to discribe where i live.

My house is a four room cottage. When you walk you see a kitchen/dinnign area. This room as dirt floors, a black stove, old wooden cabinets, and counter tops. All of the cupboardes and other cooking area are placed on the left side of the entrance. Then if you look forward from the entrance you see a fire place and a pleasent little wooden table and stooles. Next to the fire place is a very small pantry were we keep herbs, spices, canned food, table clothes, cleaning supplies, and ou small wash tub.

Now for the right side on the right side there are shelves that have old books that have been passed down through many generations. There's also old diecerations and family valuables, including an old "book". Really it's a little case that looks like a book, but it actually contains all of our money in it.

Imbetween the two shelves is an old rickedy  coushened chair that used to belong to my father.

Next to the closist shelve towards the entrance is my brothers bedroom. It also as dirt floors and is alot smaller than the kitchen. This room as one wardrobe than shelves by a window contains jars of bugs, shells, and other boyish belongings. Then in the wardrobe you'll fine clothing hanging and mates and blankets stacked roughly on the bottom.  Then  were Marco used to sleep when he lived here was a large trunk containing valuables from his journeys.

Now imagine yourself back in the kitchen. On the other side of the firplace is another door. This door leads into a small room with a tiled floor. In here you'll see a small cherry wood dresser and cot. This is were my mother sleeps. There is also an old washstand for us all to wash are selves in. She claimes she doesn't need alot of space and is perfectly fine owning only a small cot and cherry wood dresser. Then across from the dresser is an archway. This leads into a very small room that has pictures pasted on the walls (my little sisters draw alot). This room is for the girls. We have a wardrobe built into the wall. It has two drwares built underneath. Truthfuly it's quite small. So we have to pile our mats in a corner. This room as a very big window with lacy old curtains. We even have a mirror and small table were we keep our brushes and hair things. We have a few pieces of jewerly but not much. Luckily we have a smooth wooden floor.

Every room in this house is white, except for the main room, that is a brownish white color.

Now the outside of the house is parvelous! It has earthy light broen brickes with vines crawlign all over it. The roof is made of red shingels. Outside there are lots of flowers in ou yard and some bushes too.

When you go to the side of the cottage you will find a little path leading to a barn. The barn is small, and had a little fenced area next to it to let ou sheep and sometimes horses in. In the barn there a biult in tables with farming and gardening itmes on them. We also have milkign buckets and a turner, for butter and cream.

Behind the barn we have a garden, it has mostly every typ of vegetable init yuo could think of. Off to the side there's a small orchard. It has two appel trees, grape bushes, and cherry trees.

Then everything past that are Orchid fields, blossom fields, rocky slopes, rodes leading to the unknown, and small forests. In the one of the forsets my father had built a small little villiage with tiny log cabins for my younger siblings to play with.

When I'm working with my older siblings I love to listen to my younger siblign luaghter and fun. I often wish i could be their age again. Soon though they'll have to be doing work, once my older siblings and got married.  Marriage that was comign very soon.

Sometimes i feel so childish! I always want to be exploring and galavanting about. But I can't. When i was ten my father had died. So now i always had to work, work. My other siblings are much to young to do SERIOUS work yet. It feels as though my chilhood has been swept away.

Now my older brothes had to work down in town to get money for us. My mom, Julietta and I made butter and bouquets for money. Every spring we would go down and sell as much as we could for money. Truthfully i think my mother and I are geting along well without father.

My mom is getign very serous abotu marriering me off to a rich duke. Like that will happen. We're some place in "high" third class. I doubt any man with money would marry a poor pesaent girl whoes used to workign and living a hard like up in the moutains. I like life without work though, so i do wish a wealthy man will pick me up some day. Some day soon.

The End

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